Should I start fast diet if I don't want to lose weight

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Should I start fast diet if I don't want to lose weight

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  • Hi I want to start the diet but am concerned that I may lose weight and I don’t want to lose weight… I have recently battled breast cancer and am still on Herecpton every 3 weeks, but have finished all the chemo drugs. My weight is 50 kgs which was my normal weight before getting cancer, so I am wondering if I should fast for 1 day only ? or do I really need to fast for 2 days to have the health benefits.

    Hi ngaio
    I would discuss this with your consultant.
    If he can see no reason not to try IF then it would be sensible to try 6:1 which is the ratio used for maintenance.
    Good luck with your treatment you can beat it!

    Hello ngaio

    Welcome to the fast diet forum.

    I really would suggest you read the book by Michael and Mimi to help you decide how many days to fast.
    I know Michael lost weight very quickly so reduced his days to 1 fast day to slow up the weight loss. I can’t remember whether his health improved at the same rate on one day only – maybe someone else can help you with that?

    It’s the same for my husband really; he doesn’t need to lose weight as he is a very fit bloke. However we both wanted him to get the health benefits of this regime so he fasts for only 1 day a week.
    Probably, because it’s physiologically easier for men to lose weight anyway and also his higher metabolic rate; has meant he has lost weight when that is not his goal. Which of course is similar to your dilemma.

    I’ve encouraged him to eat more calories on the other 6 days to increase his overall intake but it’s early days.

    If I was you, after reading the book a couple of times; I would go and discuss it with my health professional especially with your recent battle with breast cancer and your current medication.

    Whatever you do; go easy on yourself. You’ve already had more stress to contend with than most people encounter.

    Thankyou for your advice, I have ordered the book, looking forward to reading it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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