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  • I’m super determined to really do this, but really need someone I can really be honest with, share emails with and feel like I’m in it together with. I will tell friends and family, but really want someone also in a similar boat! 31, female, UK (Cheltenham). 16 stone – really needing to get healthy and happy.

    Hi 🙂

    Sounds like you’re in the same boat as me. I started 4 months ago so I’m well into it now but just need to keep going as I have another 3 stone ish to lose. I’m 33 and in South Yorkshire. First target is my hols in July and I want to be at my target weight for my birthday in October.

    Have you has your first fast day yet?


    Yes, yesterday – went well. Can I ask how much you’ve lost so far?

    I’m in South Yorkshire too and my husband and myself started this lifestyle 3 months ago and are both surprised at the weight loss. It has done my self esteem so much good. Fast day today but looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. It really works and the fast days are not so bad.
    Good luck
    Diane from Donny

    Hello fellow 5:2ers. How is it going? I am 8 weeks into intermittent fasting, doing well, lost about a stone. I have a few stone to lose, but feel genuinely empowered by this way of eating. I feel much more positive and in control on non fasting days too. Happy to support, share ideas etc on this forum or via email. Take it easy, y’all. Power to us!!

    OK guys. About to start. Thinking Monday. Today is Saturday. I’m so nervous. I’m 45. Love in Brisbane Australia. Son is 5. 64kg. Heaviest every in my adult life. Need to do something. Goineg this works. Would love some words of advice.

    Hello RitaChicken! I’ve been doing this for not quite 8 weeks now and have lost 13 pounds. I think I’ve finally found something that I can stick with to achieve my goal weight and maintain it thereafter. Not going to sugar coat it. The first fast days aren’t easy, but now I don’t mind them a bit. In fact, I don’t even begin to feel hunger pangs until late in the afternoon on fast days. And my fast day meal is usually a big leafy salad with a cup of shredded chicken or tuna, a sprinkle of feta cheese, and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. And that fills me up! Plus, I drink at least a litre (usually more) of water daily. Got a big bottle that I fill every morning and sip on throughout the day. I frequently add a healthy splash of Bragg’s organic vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon to the water and that seems to help me.

    You will find lots of support here. Check out other discussions and jump in! 🙂

    Hi Miss_LizMonkey.
    I am also starting out on my weight loss journey.
    I am also very determined to lose weight.
    I am also seeking someone to share email or chat via Facebook.
    Hope to hear from you.

    Hi there,

    Is anyone in this post still wanting a fasting buddy? I am looking for someone to exchange emails with while doing this, if anyone is interested, please let me know.


    I am starting first fast on Monday. I could really do with some motivation and support. Need to lost stone before hols! any tips, advice?

    Hi I started last week. I am coming up to my 61st birthday and look like a roly poly. Time to change. I have done 3 fast days,Friday the day I started then the Monday and Thursday it was surprisingly easy. I kept myself busy and had my last meal around 6. I got on the dreaded scales and lost 6lb woop woop. Im 5ft start weight 12st 11lb. On April the 5th I started eating healthier and walking more I only lost 3lb in a month,glad I changed the diet.I wish you luck

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