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  • Pfft who cares it’s turning into a blog, it’s your thread so.

    I need a new show to watch, but I never really got into Modern Family. I tried it but it’s just not for me *shrug*. I follow a lot of other shows but I’ve caught up on them all now so I kinda need a new one (preferably with some seasons out already) to get me through the last weeks here in China.

    I was really sad when I found out that the awesome exclusive 50th anniversary tees they sell online can only be paid through Paypal ๐Ÿ™ I linked my bankaccount to a Paypal account a long time ago but then deleted the e-mailadress linked to that Paypal account so yeah.. now I can’t link my bank account anymore because it keeps saying it’s already linked to another one. Having Paypal would be so easy. I may have to fix that someday.

    I kind of want Tennant’s Doctor coat O.o

    Nika – Assume you have seen IT crowd? Coupling? Yes Minister? And there are lots of these older UK comedies around with long series on DVD – depends what you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS We may need to get our stories straight re what fasting is!!

    Good luck getting those DVDs to China D:

    @ the PS – yeah I saw ๐Ÿ˜› Responded on that topic. I actually think we’re kind of on the same page… just not quite.

    Hi Sassy – at long last I have the time to say a proper hello to you!

    (Well not that long-dinner is nearly ready and thank goodness it’s not a fast day)

    Anyways, how are you? It seems like ages since we had a proper chat. I think it was just before we moved and then we had Xmas and you went awol for a bit because you went on holiday at Xmas too. Not bad for some!

    So Belated Happy New Year!

    I read your catch-up post on our Lloaca thread and you have really done well with your weight loss; especially since you had your bad knee to stop you exercising.
    Are you trying to maintain now?

    I’m a little concerned about Nika; I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read her thread but she has had an awful time in China and was very lonely indeed especially over Xmas and New Year.
    Then we started a countdown to her leaving for New Zealand and meeting up with her parents for two weeks somewhere mid-way I think.
    But she suddenly stopped posting in early January which is a bit strange since she is a prolific poster.

    Hopefully I’m concerned over nothing and she is just having such a nice time being amongst people who love her and care about her; that posting on this site is the last thing on her mind.

    Actually must go and put our dinner out Sassy; I haven’t got to say much after all! Nothing about our move to Bonny Scotland.

    Take Care

    Hi PreciousBoBo likewise i am wondering how Nika is doing–was hoping to keep in contact with her because I think in NZ she is coming to my town and wanted to meet up with her and show her about, I think there are a few other Hamiltonians on the site too.
    like you let’s hope we are worrying over nothing.
    where have you moved to in Scotland ? I used to work at the Crinan hotel–love that part of the country.

    Hi double happy

    Thanks for responding; Sassy must be busy at the moment otherwise I think she might be a bit worried too.

    I’m trying hard not to be too concerned about Nika because if you look back at her thread; she was hooking up with her parents and they should still be visiting with her….
    BUT she stopped posting at all on this forum (not just her thread) on the 7th January and we were doing a countdown to her leaving China and seeing them for the first time in months.
    And it was a really big deal; so her stopping posting just like that instead of the big build up countdown thing…..

    Anyway Monkey, if you are out there partying and sneaking a peek at the forum; then just let us know that you are fine and left China far behind you and you’ve just been too busy to bother with your virtual friends!

    We have a saying in Newcastle upon Tyne when a child does something naughty; we say ‘I’ll slap her legs when I get hold of her’!

    And double happy – we moved to South West Scotland which like all of Scotland is really beautiful. Which part of the country is the Crinan Hotel in?

    thanks for your thoughtful post PreciousBooBoo–letting Nika know we are thinking about her and hope she will contact.
    Crinan is in from Lochgilpead down from Oban. a very romantic spot. The locals were great. I worked in the hotel.
    have a good weekend–downunder the sun is shining and we won the cricket series against India–nothing like national pride to lift the spirits.
    now we just need to hear from Nika

    Hi Sassy

    When you get round to reading your own thread!

    You don’t have to be concerned about Nika if you read my posts above (29 & 30 Jan.); she is back online.

    Hi PreciousBooBoo and apologies for my v tardy reply! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I must admit I haven’t looked at this thread or this forum for a while, apart from a couple of entries in Southern Hemispherites. Reading and participating in the forums was just taking up too much of my time – much as I like to do it, it does stop me doing other things…

    I really admire your (and others on this forum) concern for others. V glad to hear that Nika is back online – I will have a look at her recent posts shortly…

    And I want to read thru your recent posts too – I just started to then saw that you had put an entry here, so thought I should check that out first!!

    South west Scotland – Ayr by any chance? A dear friend of mine used to live there and we stayed with her a couple of times. I have seen little bits of Scotland here and there – I look forward to more visits! We have a friend on the Isle of Skye – have only been there once. Edinburgh has been my most common destination…

    Thanks for asking, all is pretty well with me. Yes, I am on maintenance but need to watch myself!! I have started HIT and hope that will help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Need to get myself organized for the year – January has gone with little to show for it!! I LOVE not being in paid work, but I do need to do a bit more with my life… I can so easily fill time with just leisure…

    So I do need to go and DO something now; will check your and Nika’s recent posts later.

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. ๐Ÿ˜€ : D

    Hi Sassy

    You are a pudding; not even checking your own thread! You should use the ‘notify me’ button.

    I know what you mean about spending too much time on this forum; you could spend literally all day on it and still not participate in all the threads you would like to. Some people must spend a lot of time on it.

    Have you caught up on the LOACA thread that I started yet?
    I only noticed for the first time the other day; it’s the most popular thread of all time!! Mind you Southern Hemispherites are hot on my tail! You are obviously a friendly, loquacious lot over there.

    And because someone from the SH thread started up a facebook page; several Lloaca’s asked for one also and so one has been set up, not by me I might add.

    Do you participate in the SH FB page? I know on one of your posts you weren’t keen on losing your anonymity but then the other week you were meeting local FD’s for lunch in Melbourne!

    Anyways – re you visiting Scotland. Am I right in remembering that you have relatives in Scotland or have I got that wrong? We are south of Ayr in the Castle Douglas area of Dumfries and Galloway – have you been down this way on your travels? It’s gorgeous but then you can probably say that about most of Scotland really.

    Are you intending to visit Scotland any time in the near future? You would be very welcome to come and visit us; unfortunately at the moment we couldn’t offer you board and lodgings because our two ‘spare’ bedrooms have no room for spare beds because of most of our stuff being stored in them. We are hoping to do work on the house but it is all going very slowly indeed.

    However, we could certainly have you round for some non-fast meals! and show you some of the many beauty spots.

    Regarding ‘having to do something with your life’; I know what you mean but actually what is wrong with spending it all on leisure pursuits? Now that you are a LOACA?
    Why shouldn’t you when you and your husband have probably, like a lot of us, worked hard all your life?

    Life can be horribly short Sassy; honestly if you can afford to spend your time doing nice things and enjoying life then you go for it!

    Speak soon
    BooBoo xx

    Hi again PreciousBooBoo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, I’m a bit of a slacker keeping on top of forums and emails… The email address that I have registered for this site is one I check on the main computer, which I don’t do very often, whereas I always do the forum on my iPad. So thought it was pointless to tick the notify me box… But perhaps I should?

    I was manually checking for replies for a while, then stopped for ages, just started again yesterday. (Often the reply is not to my post as well!)

    Enough whingeing!!

    I last posted on LLOACA on 24 Jan – I will get back there sometime!! Obviously the title appeals to many of us, so you have really met a need by starting it. ๐Ÿ™‚ How IS your sleeping going??

    I am a Luddite and not on FB. That would be yet other time consumer!! But I may have to give in one day…Actually, I am not really worried about anonymity, it is just that a lot of people on the forum seem not to use their names.

    I have ancestors from Scotland but no current rellies living there – well, not ones I know about, presumably there will be distant relations around. We come from the Dundee area, and I have visited a number of dwellings and graveyards in the surrounding area where ancestors lived/died. My ggg grandfather (may be more g’s) Charlie Bayne was a dancing instructor and actually composed some music of which mum found a copy. Not much else of interest in that past!!

    I would LOVE to meet you when we next visit Scotland – probably a few years away, cos now we have the caravan that will be the focus of our holidays, at least while hubby is still working. Once he retires, my plan will be to do an overseas and Aussie hol every year if poss. ๐Ÿ™‚ No worries about not putting us up – we are used to that (for both reasonable and unreasonable reasons we tend not to stay with friends and relatives when we travel!!). Sightseeing and a meal or two would be very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that what I have seen of Scotland, the rest of UK and Ireland is very scenic, outside the industrial cities that is!!

    I do use the rationale that you give for spending time on leisure – yes, we have worked hard and deserve free time. It is partly that I worry that my brain will atrophy!!! Tho I would like to do something that actually made a difference and helped improve the lives of those who have been less fortunate.

    I have been a sickie today ๐Ÿ™ Overindulged at a friend’s yesterday and presumably my body can’t cope with that extent of eating and drinking anymore, cos I have felt nauseas and rotten today and (sorry TMI) my bowels have over reacted. I have spent the day in bed… So that was a v easy fast day!!! The though of food still makes me feel ill…

    I have yet to check your recent posts; I will do soon but not now as writing this post has exhausted me. ๐Ÿ™
    Time for a rest.
    Thanks for your friendship ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sassy xx

    Hi Sassy

    I’ve just been ‘speaking’ to you over on the Loaca thread; but just so you know I’ve read the above post.

    Oh and my sleeping?; well that really is a contradiction in terms. I actually took your advice from a long time ago and when we moved to this new area and obviously changed doctors; I discussed my insomnia on my ‘new patient’ visit.
    I mentioned the sleep clinic which you had cited; she said that that kind of thing was just for extreme sufferers where they are falling asleep during the day and it becomes dangerous. So other than sleeping tablets; she had no solutions at all.

    My insomnia has gotten much worse since starting the fast diet; it was bad before but now it is off the radar.
    I used to be able to go to sleep; then I might wake up at 2-3.00am and not get back to sleep for literally hours. But now, I have trouble getting to sleep and can just lie there for hours wide awake. It is much worse on my fast days because the hunger helps to keep me awake!
    I know it is definitely adversely affected by the fast diet but it is a price I am willing to pay to lose weight.

    Ho hum…..
    Speak soon
    BooBoo xx

    Hi BooBoo

    I can’t believe your doctor has no more suggestions re your sleeping issues than tablets!! That is terrible. I know that sleep clinics are more for those with sleep apnoea, but your situation is pretty extreme so I would have hoped you could have been seen. I don’t know how you function with so little sleep.

    Have you tried one of those low cal chocolate drinks pre-bedtime, or having something else sweet so you don’t go to bed feeling quite so hungry? I find that a small apple can work ok for me. It’s worth a few extra cals if it removes that really hungry feeling.

    How have you gone with relaxation techniques to help with sleeping? And I still think a specialist psychologist would be worth the ยฃยฃs. Maybe you should get up and read or watch a DVD after all. Or what about wearing earphones and listening to quiet music that you like while in bed? I am not good at falling asleep, tho nowhere need to the extent that you do. The technique that works best for me is to consciously try to blank my mind, and to keep doing that every time a thought comes in. It works most tho not all nights. And do you have a nighttime routine that helps you be as relaxed as possible prior to bed – there are lots of suggestions around for what these should be. Is your bed the right comfort level and warmth for you? I am sure you have tried everything tho.

    Anyway, I will try to post more regularly on lloacas, as you have requested!

    Very best wishes
    Sassy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi BooBoo, hope you do not mind me butting in on the sleep issue. I have suffered for over 15 yrs with sleep problems due mainly I believe to the stress of my previous job and poor diet. I still suffer more often than not. Some years ago, having spoken to my Doctor about it he reluctantly prescribed sleeping tablets for a short period of time. They were what are described as one of the “Z” type of sleeping tablets. Yes they did help and I took them from time to time over a year. As a matter of interest I Googled the type he had prescribed and I was disturbed to say the least over the list of possible side effects. I stopped taking them as I was so worried. So, make your own choices but I fully support the advice given by Sassy. Also consider Hypnosis and try checking out You Tube for some sleep progs.
    Good luck.

    Hi Sassy and Couscous

    Sassy – Thanks for your suggestions; I’ve tried most of them except actually getting up and doing something else. I think if I watch TV or go online, that would ‘wake me up’ even more as they are both stimulants.
    And yes, our bed is really super comfortable and not too warm.
    I might consider listening to music with earphones on but If I was lucky enough to go to sleep, I would have to wake up to take them off when the tape had finished!

    My doctor discussed ‘sleep hygiene’ which was just common sense stuff excepting one suggestion which was going out for some fresh air and a walk just before bed! LOL in Scotland? – she knows full well what the average temperature round here is like at night – I’d be visiting her next with pneumonia!

    Hi Couscous – how kind of you to take the time to give me some advice; thank you.
    I must admit, I didn’t even consider the sleeping tablets option. I’m not fond of taking any medication, if I can avoid it and of course, they can be addictive.
    When I have mentioned this problem on this forum before; someone said that they had read/heard somewhere that fasting fills you with adrenalin and I really think that is what is happening to me, particularly on fast day nights. However, that wouldn’t account for the non-fast days, though I do sleep slightly more on those.

    Not suprisingly the nights I really do manage to sleep a fair bit; are the nights when we have some wine with our dinner! I told the doctor that and she laughed and said everybody sleeps better after wine!
    I could be forgiven then, for becoming addicted to the sauce though I’ve managed to restrain myself.

    In the early days of fasting; I actually felt ‘revved up’ when getting into bed – like I was on speed or something (not that I would know what being on speed feels like – not my scene man) and this was before I had heard about the adrenalin theory.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the YouTube’s sleep progs?

    BooBoo xx

    Hi BooBoo, If you go into You Tube and type in a search, eg Sleep hypnosis or Meditation for Sleep you should get a variety of short programmes on the subject. Just search through them and you may find a suitable short exercise that may help. Headphones do help. I am not suggesting you do this online while trying to sleep but you may discover an exercise you can download or practice in your mind.
    One that I do and have mentioned before to help still my mind and focus is a breath count. Relax in bed, lights out. Focus and concentrate on your breathing. Take 2 or three deep breaths, in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Let your breathing then become “normal” and relaxed. Start a count. As you end your first breath think 50. Next breath 49, end of each breath count down to the next number. Now your mind will wander, this is normal. Do not beat yourself up. When you recognise you have wandered simply return to the count starting at 50. You will probably wander again, no matter, just return to the count starting at 50 each time. Do not rush it, do not get agitated and do not give up. Do this each night for three or four attempts. If you can, practice this for a few minutes during the day in a quiet moment. Over a period of time you will increase your count and hopefully you will learn to still your mind. It costs nothing, only your time, it is natural and can work. I do it from time to time when I have sleep problems and it does help.
    Good luck.

    Hi Couscous

    I will definitley give that a try; as you say, I have got nothing to lose as I’m lying there accomplishing nothing else!

    Thank you

    Hey all you peeps!

    Thanks for all the kind words, when I was out for lunch with dumpy she told me you guys missed me but never imagined to find such warm words everywhere ^^ Made me feel very wanted and fuzzy inside, so thanks!
    I’ll try to be online more often during the next days, and I’m making a longer post in my own Nudgin’ Nika thread (mostly about the huge challenge of eating healthy when you’re living on-campus) but it’ll just be impossible for me to be online as much as I used to… I worked 9 hours a day and spent 4-5 hours of that time just posting and browsing on this forum, I simply don’t have that much time anymore. I’ll try to find a few good ones I’ll post on and that’s that… S just the way it is.

    It’s good to hear everyone is still here and still going strong! Whoohoo, go team!

    Hugs and kisses y’all

    Are you girls still here ?

    I have a question for those who read this blog. Is it appropriate to use dating sites to motivate you to lose weight? I was offered to try to register here – This is a good site. I read the reviews about it. But would it be ethical to use online communication to maintain your mood and self-confidence? I still cannot internally agree with this.

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