Same weight,same loss different blood results???

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Same weight,same loss different blood results???

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  • My husband and I started the 5:2 journey 3 months ago. We started at the same weight, we have both lost 9kg but when we had our blood tests done my cholesterol had gone from 5.5 to 4 but his had only gone from 6.2 to 5.9. His blood sugars went from 5.3 to 5.5 but mine from 6.0 to 5.5.
    Anyone care to comment why we lost the same amount of weight started at the same weight but had such different blood results? Why didn’t he get the improvement I did?

    I recall a colleague at work whose high cholesterol was picked up at his annual medical. Taking things seriously, he dramatically cut down fats in his diet. Six months later at his next consultation, his cholesterol hadn’t budged at all.

    “Don’t worry”, said his GP. “Diet will have little or no effect in some patients. I’ll prescribe you some pills instead.”

    I think GPs like to see if diet will have an effect first, but it would appear there can be other factors for which medication is the answer.

    Personally I’ve never paid attention to my cholesterol as a) it fluctuates wildly (try getting it tested after eating porridge) and b) health advice seems to vacillate between it being a good or a bad thing. Life’s not much fun if you become preoccupied with stuff like this … 🙂

    Thank you for starting this thread, I recently got my bloods done and my results are below.
    Before 5:2 diet
    Total Cholesterol = 8.7 mmol/L
    After 6 weeks of 5:2 diet
    Total Cholesterol = 8.1 mmol/L

    A bit about my self 29 years old 180cm height and 93kgs
    Fairly fit play golf twice a week (14km walking )
    My glucose results came back normal as 4.6 mmol/L

    This diet has been praised as a new way to get fit and healthy and to loose weight, there seems to be a lot of questions regarding health and not a lot of answers apart from “depending on your genetics it may or may not help with blood results”

    Would anyone care to shed a little light on why we haven’t seen the vast improvement Dr Mosley experienced in the documentary when his levels halved. Dr Mosley blood test was done after a 5 day fast (which was his first fast, he didn’t have any experience with the every other day or 5:2 intermittent fasting) what results could we see if we on the 5:2 diet after 6 an 12 weeks ?

    Look forward to seen a bit of activity on this thread. 🙂

    Hi Graydon, my results have been excellent, a little slower than Michaels but just as good. I’m 62, live in Hobart and wasn’t doing much exercise. Before starting on 22 January my results were (Checked by new GP because overweight)
    Total cholesterol = 7.2
    Tryglycerides = 3.2 (scary, don’t want type 2 diabetes
    BMI = 34.18

    After 12 weeks retested
    81.5kg (9.3kg loss)
    Total Cholesterol = 5.9
    Triglycerides = 0.8
    BMI = 30.67

    I will get tested again in August but am now at 77.5 after 19 weeks. Total loss of 13.3 (29 lbs)

    I am doing a lot of exercise, swimming between 3 and 4km 5 days a week (about 90 minutes)
    I don’t eat before swimming so end up doing 5 x 17 hour fasts (from after dinner to lunch) and on 2 of those days don’t eat dinner.
    My fast days are WATER ONLY. Everyone seems to be agonising over what to eat, when to eat ad then they worry about calories on non-fast days. I eat normally on non-fast days, but have actually found I am eating less. I still drink wine every (non-fast) day, and I cook dinner for my husband and then sit down and drink water. It’s habit, not hunger (with me anyway).

    Maybe you need to think about more strenuous exercise (I recommend swimming if you can). I also found it useful to keep a food dairy for the first 8 weeks, it just clarified any bad habits and lapses. I don’t bother with it now.

    Sorry to go on for so long but I really believe this works.

    Hi Vicki

    Thanks for the info.
    Wow your triglyceride levels dropped a lot, I’m lucky my level is 0.9.
    Ive recently reviewed my diet and this is what iv found I’m not eating anything to increase LDL but at the same time I’m not eating anything to increase the HDL either .. Strange I know so what I’m doing is adding a lot more fiber and increasing my activity level..
    I will also keep a diary of my diet for at least 8 weeks.
    I must admit that I found not eating anything at all on fast days was a lot easier than trying to figure out what I could or couldn’t eat but as fiber is a food type that increases HDL (which helps reduce LDL) I’ll be making sure my fast days the 500 cal will be made up of breakfast high fiber during the day fruit and dinner soup or a food type high in omega 3.
    Hopefully this will change the ratio and decrease the total cholesterol.

    Thanks again for your post and tip about swimming

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