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  • I have started taking up running to help me get fit and lose weight. I have recently taken part in a couple of small races but my biggest goal is to take part in Perkins Great Eastern Run 2014. I have asked family for an entry as a Christmas present and I am really looking forward to it, with it being my most local race. However, I am nervous and I wondered if anyone else has ever taken part in this race and what it was like? Thank you

    Nope, never partaken – but I commend your resolve! I’m no runner myself (hate it) so I have a lot of respect for those who do ^^

    My preferred activity is long-distance cycling, but I have done a little running in the last 6-8 months. Currently working on improving my 5 kilometre time and progressing to a 10 k run.

    I find that having lost weight, both my cycling and running have improved, so for me, there is definitely a synergy here.

    Even after consulting the event website, I still don’t know what part of the world you are in, but if you are planning to race a Half Marathon I am in awe of your commitment.

    Running provides good body condition resulting to immune system boost. It provides good body posture since calories are being burnt. Good body condition aids to many positive health benefits such as getting away from illness and getting taller.

    Running is one of the best exercises that will put you on becoming fit. And being fit will greatly affect your body posture that results to increasing your height.

    Running improve bone development. It also turns your body into a strong one by simply boosting your immune system. Running is a simple task but has a great effect when it comes to body conditioning.

    I don’t think running can make you taller!

    It actually can make you taller 🙂 Well exercise in general can – I’ve gained around an inch since I really started exercising intensely 🙂 As gflexpro said it improves your posture 🙂

    Improving your posture may make you stand taller, but that’s different to bone growth. Exercising didn’t make me any taller … and I was fit enough to enter a 14km race without doing any extra training.

    Also sleeping makes you taller, because the discs between your spinal vertebrae decompress while the pressure is off them.

    Agree with arla, you can’t grow thanks to exercise; your height is all down to your parents genes. But sleeping, or lying in the semi supine position, does let the disc decompress. You can sometimes see this with people who are taller in the morning after waking opposed to when they’re going to bed.

    Exercise will help your posture and let you stand up better, but it wont make your bones grow longer

    Running is good.
    Buy decent gear (e.g. Gortex) get a sat-nav watch (e.g. Garmin)
    Upload your runs to the internet (e.g. Strava) ….

    ……. and ENJOY!

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