Running HIT makes me nauseous

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Running HIT makes me nauseous

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  • Hi folks

    Just wondering if anyone else feels really sick after doing running HIT? I’m a reasonably fit 47 year old who runs 5k and 10k regularly (sub 45 mins for the latter usually). I decided to try some HIT and have started off with the 2 x 20 second sprint sessions. I really give it everything, and afterwards feel quite ill, sick and light-headed. Reminds me of a horrible hangover, in fact. It wears off after about 30-40 mins.

    Is this usual? Anyone else feel similar?


    Hi It affects me in the same way plus I quite often get a headache too! I thought it may be due to lack of water as I exercise first thing in the morning. I’ve been trying to make sure I’m fully hydrated the day before but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference. Hopefully it will get better as I get used to this way of exercising.

    Yes, I wonder if it is just something I’ll hopefully get used to, Lilly. I used to avoid any running in the morning because it would also make me feel quite sick. However, since I started doing the 5k Parkruns at 9.30am every Saturday, I seemed to have conquered that. The secret to that is getting up two hours before the race and making myself a banana milkshake (dairy-free, groan) with ground nuts and oats.

    The feeling from HIT is something quite different, though. I will say that it feels like it’s hitting my nervous system (and probably my metabolic system) really hard and deep, which I’m sure is a good thing!

    I’m ok with the steady state cardio first thing, but I have to admit it’s a bit too easy to wind the intensity right down and end up just plodding along! Hopefully the HIT will give me the push I need. I’m definitely feeling it in my leg muscles too. Just have to get over this sickness thing.

    Hi guys, trainer Jack here,

    What you’re experiencing is not uncommon at all. It comes from your body being unaccustomed to being pushed as hard as it is. But even when you are used to it, it can still happen! I remember when I won the national 400m championships in 2006 and the guy next to me on the podium was vommiting in a bucket as he received his medal ha.

    The reason steady stead doesn’t make you feel like this is because you dont push yourself anywhere near as hard as when you do HIIT; you’re not shocking the system. Some people are worse than others, but like gdrever said, maybe try hydrating as soon as you wake up and a little bit of food if that helps. Everyone different, so its about finding what your body works well with. Personally, I don’t feel like I’ve got the most out of my session if im not feeling a bit nauseous afterwards! But then I might be a touch masochistic…

    Keep up the HIIT!

    ” I don’t feel like I’ve got the most out of my session if im not feeling a bit nauseous afterwards! But then I might be a touch masochistic…”

    Masochistic? Yeah!

    Being nauseous after a HIIT workout possibly, but it should be for a brief period.

    The recovery should feel terrific.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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