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  • Has anyone found that 5:2 has made theirs better?


    Sorry, me neither. But have only been doing it for a couple of months, so hopeful for further down the line…

    I used a cream from my gp called finacea (azaelic acid) used it for 2 years and now haven’t needed it for 4 years 😀

    It really helps my rosacea, but it’s better generally when I’m not too hot, and on fasting days I feel cooler. It makes my skin less bumpy, puffy and red. I find a sudden load of food causes my skin to flare up so even if I have successfully completed a fast, my skin will still react to a heavy meal. I Hope that helps a little.

    Thank you all.
    I am noticing a slight difference when I’m fasting.
    Hope it continues!

    Katie, have you tried lavender essential oil? I read once on the internet that mountain lavender helped someone’s rosacea and tried it, neat. My rosacea is all but gone, but maybe it is too strong for some people. Even when I drink wine it doesn’t flare up anymore. That was well before IF.

    Soooo glad I found this thread!! I’ve had this for about 3 weeks now, really bad, and just got diagnosed a couple days ago. I had no idea what was happening to my face!! I haven’t done much yet for it but read that a steeped green tea bags on the face help a lot. I’m exciting to try it. I’ll let you guys know how it works 🙂

    Yes I have noticed a definite reduction in redness. I am usually pretty red all over my face except under the eyes – now cheeks are much lighter, and overall more a respectable pink (still pinker than most, but I am happy with this much progress).

    I was away for 10 days and so did not fast in that time and the redness returned from about day 7.

    have been back and had a normal 5 2 week and since the second fast day skin back to pink again. I’m stoked!

    I didn’t know this would be a side effect but it really seems to be effective for mt rocasea anyway. Plus I’ve lost the weight very easily. I don’t find the reduced kCal day difficult – just a bit less interesting as I stick to what is easy to make and calculate (porridge for brunch and veggies for early dinner) 🙂

    I went through and extended ordeal of nearly a year, at times diagnosed as rosacea or dermatitis. Symptoms ranging from red and itchy to facial meltdown with oozing mess. Cleared 100% after 7 day juice fast, have kept it at bay with period shorter fasts. WATCH YOUR DIET! Keep a food diary and you will likely find the symptoms track “trigger” foods, my list seems to grow by ever-lengthening, basically all animal and high-fat foods at this point. You might try going gluten-free too, I thought I was until I found out beer had gluten and removing that helped too. Some people find spicy foods do it too, you probably already heard wash with less-than-hot water as well. All seem to have an effect but the root of it all is most likely dietary.

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