Rosacea & Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

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  • I have had a long and frustrating battle with Rosacea and Seborrhoeic dermatitis for over 20 years. I have tried every diet and topical treatment known to man but still go thru the predictable cycle of redness and inflammation on and around the nose and forehead which then hardens and the skin peels off. The new skin is then quite good for a couple of days then the whole cycle just begins again. I am a pretty fit (75 kilos)50 year old Englishman living in Sydney and considering the 5/2 diet as a possible remedy. I have heard recently that the fasting diets with lots of water produce good results as the Keytones kick in and destroy the inflammatory skin problems. Has any one out there had an success eradicating such skin disorders with the 5/2? Would be great to hear from you…

    I have been the diet for about eight weeks now. I have had Rosacea for six years and have noticed an easing of the symptoms. I still have flare ups but the numbers of pimples are reduced as is the itching. I still have redness but it doesn’t seem to worsen in response to the usual triggers. I do think this diet has had a positive impact on my overall health acid re flux is noticeably reduced and I have lost 13 lb’s.

    hi – i cannot site scientific source, my study group is one, me! but i would say as well, that my moderate, though always present, rosacea seems to be less angry esp on my cheeks and chin. i’ve been reading much about food sensitivity triggers (“wheat belly” and “grain brain” books) and since 6 months of 5:2 have really cut down on wheat products, which seem to aggravate. plus OH has gone gluten free in the past 2 months and tho i’m not super strict, off-days are usually GF now due to that, so i think there is a benefit, from fasting but more noticeably from removing gluten. i’m trying to get other family who suffer to test with me… and if anyone in the forums can back up or refute, more info is appreciated! It all comes down to inflammation and your personal triggers….

    Yes I have noticed a definite reduction in redness. I am usually pretty red all over my face except under the eyes – now cheeks are much lighter, and overall more a respectable pink (still pinker than most, but I am happy with this much progress).

    I was away for 10 days and so did not fast in that time and the redness returned from about day 7.

    have been back and had a normal 5 2 week and since the second fast day skin back to pink again. I’m stoked!

    Other than the reduced Kcal days my diet is the same as before.

    Good luck!

    I fully recovered to normal skin after a 11 month ordeal of what my dermatologist was calling “atopic dermatitis” at the end, earlier an MD had spoken of “rosacea”–my opinion at this point is that all these skin things are a continuum with the same root “autoimmune” issue.
    My condition was at times so severe I had no actual skin on my face–just a cycling between raw hamburger and a crust so itchy I could not get any sleep. This was going to kill me if I did not get relief. Finally I did one week on fruit juice AM/veg PM and it cleared me completely. I corresponded with the researcher Dr. Longo who Mr Mosley featured in one of the videos and he said they were just starting a to try a 4-day veg juice protocol for people with skin things like mine.
    These days I often do one-day fast per week as the condition keeps trying to come back and I am now hyper-sensitive to some foods I used to able to eat in moderation–nuts and dairy now seem to be out of the question and eggs seem to trigger it too. So I am close to pure vegan with my MD keeps warning me is risky for overall immunity, but I’ll take it, anything that keeps the horror of melt-down dermatitis away is worth the effort. (A mix of hemp and brown rice protein powder is now what I rely on to replace the animal protein I don’t eat anymore). Soy tempeh is also excellent, I don’t eat tofu or any other soy products.

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