Roller-coasting – appetite loss to starving

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Roller-coasting – appetite loss to starving

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  • I fast till 12, not hungry at all, from 7pm night before, then have to force something down,(otherwise it would be about 3pm before I feel hungry) but about a couple of hours after that I turn into an Olympic eater and can’t stop. I’m not even much overweight but can’t control this. What am I doing wrong!?🤔

    If you aren’t hungry at 3 pm on a Fast Day, why are you eating? Some people who have the same issue as you choose not to eat at all on a Fast Day. They say, like you, that when they eat a little, they get hungry. You aren’t doing anything ‘wrong’, Alizarin. If you can get through a day without any food, try it on for size.
    The other thing has to do with what you are eating. on Fast Days. Some particular foods might promote hunger in you, tho not in others. idiosyncratic. Gotta work out what works for you.
    Good luck.

    Good advice… With hindsight, I don’t know why I felt I Had to eat. I suppose I was thinking it was wrong to go that long without food!

    The only thing that is ‘wrong’ about going without food is that some people can’t handle it. And that it can lead some people to an eating disorder. We have been convinced that we must eat often or we will starve. Not so. Let us know how it goes over the long haul.

    I’ve tried switching to the 16:8 ratio and it seems to be working. I’ve got my 8pm cut-off point into my head and don’t want to eat after that. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the support fasting_me!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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