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  • Hello.
    Restarting the fasting lifestyle? Wanting to have a place for anyone to post about fasting.

    About me.
    I’m American and prefer intermittent fasting to start any weight loss regimen.
    Today I looked in my cupboard and found 25 can of chickpeas. Don’t ask me why, but I was determined to experiment with them until I found a way to really enjoy them. On the first try I boiled them. Then baked them. Them blended down and mixed with tomatoes and chillies. I did actually really enjoy them.
    Im always on the look out for simple but cheap ways to satisfy hunger.

    When I restart I try for 1 day a week. Until I get through a perfect 1st day.
    Sometimes I struggle one time I jumped right back on like I never stopped.

    Wether it’s true or not i believe fasting is key to healing the body in many ways. Not just for fat loss, but in other ways too like creating the environment for DNA repair .

    I believe in using intermittent fasting as a way of restricting my unhealthy food choices. I mean not on the first day, but week after week. Replacing bad habits with healthier choices until I’m on 4/3 and only eating the healthiest of thing and fitting the best foods into my schedule. It takes time. As for me it helps to have a social aspect for encouragement.

    My restart weight 238.

    My day 1 plan is set for tommorrow.

    At noon 2 eggs with tea. 200 calories
    Then 400 calories At 6pm.
    1 can of chickpeas with tomato and chillies.
    Plenty of caffeine free tea sweetened with stevia.

    No exercise.

    I am just restarting too. I previously lost 100lbs using every other day fasting but since entering maintenance I hadn’t managed a full days fast and 16:8 clearly isn’t sufficient either to control my weight or maintain the health benefits I gained from more intense fasting. My weight is up by a stone and my asthma has returned with a vengeance and I have been feeling the fatigue sneaking up on me again and the pain from my fibromyalgia has been bothering me again after having receded into the background when I lost all that weight.

    I am taking the opposite approach and diving back in with every other day fasting rather than starting slowly because I find the pattern helps to keep me moving forward. Isolated fast days feel too arbitrary and I am more likely to give up when cravings hit. With every other day I feel I can let go more on off days without undoing my good work and on fast days I can always tell myself that I can eat tomorrow. It feels as if my body anticipates the pattern too and doesn’t look for much food on fast days. I aim to stay under 800 calories as that worked for me before although yesterday I was probably closer to 600 simply because of the food available.

    I am a huge fan of chickpeas. I use them mashed as an egg replacement to make quiche, as a cheese replacement to top baked dishes, in what my sister calls chick pea mash fried with coriander, corn and chilis, and whole to top off roast dishes or as an ingredient in currys or bean stews or as a quick meal with a tin of sweetcorn, spices and a table spoon of olive oil. I find they work particularly well with coriander, chili, sea salt and olive oil. A little soy milk can turn them into a batter for a quiche of to make bajis by adding bits of veg and frying them. I easily have that many tins too, especially as I have built up a bit of a tinned food stockpile in case of a No Deal Brexit buggering everything up. Thank goodness that possibility has retreated for now!

    I hope your fast goes as well as mine did yesterday. I actually lost a pound overnight! No doubt most of that will go back on today but there is nothing like success to keep you going. I think the lack of that is what makes maintenance so difficult.

    Hi Fatrabbit.
    I was so glad to see a response.
    Its 6am where I am .so im up so early im not hungry yet.

    My problem is grazing. So things like 16/8 help keep me from accumulating but after a year out and far from the a fasting lifestyle i go right back to eating cheap unhealthy foods.

    I tried the every other day and also 1 meal a day. Those just dont fit me. So im going right back to what I know works for me.

    I havent been on this site for years.
    So im not current on any new research or info regarding fasting benefits.
    But thats what spurs me is gaining the insights.

    Thank you for sharing about the egg like consistency ill try it.

    Im taking the overall approach to limit my protien in way that favors a plant based diet. So at first ill start cautiously
    Just putting fasting back in my menu.
    Once getting to 3 fasting days a week. I will start putting healthy fish back in two days. That will be only two days left to choose to only the very healthiest of health foods based on the approach of food is medicine.
    So ill be trying to include foods that are synergy foods , antioxidants, high vitamin and minerals, boost the immune system, pre and probiotics, good for brain and heart, and most importantly satisfy me enough to enjoy the lifestyle.

    Well im out helping people this Sunday morning . May peace be with you!

    2pm ive aready had my 600 calories for the day.
    I had the chickpeas again but i put spinach tumeric and black pepper I haven’t faced any hunger yet.

    I think I’ll go without calories until 8pm. Then call it day.

    It is always best to do what you know suits you, it is likely to be a bit different for everyone. Grazing is such a universal problem these days. We didn’t evolve to live in such abundant times. Nor didwe evolve to eat lrocessed pseudofood. Our bodies just can’t cope with it. It feels as if life is just a constant battle with our instinct telling us to pile on the fat because harsh times are likely to be round the corner. I have found it is far easier not to start eating than it is to stop so fasting suits me brilliantly. I simply can’t eat breakfast or I am hungry all day and my resistance is lower and I give in more easily. There are lots of studies saying it is better to eat in the morning but for me that just leads to all day grazing and greed. I find eating later that Incan stop after 800 calories but if I go much beyond that I keep wanting more. I think researchers have found this calorie threshold thing to be real and it is why diets like the fast 800 work as well as they do. It seems to be easier to cut a lot of calories rather than to shave off just a few hundred a day expecting them tinadd up in the end. I have never managed to lose weight by simple calorie control.

    I don’t have the problem of turning to unhealthy food. I simply can’t eat it anymore because my body reacts so strongly. A piece of cake or bread or pasta gives me a hangover and I feel as if I have flu for a couple of days. Giving in and eating crisps gives me headaches as do onions and anything related. Dairy provokes my arthritis until my hands become almost unusable.Sugar sends my anxiety skyrocketing. And I can’t imagine being other than vegetarian. So everything I eat is plant based and very healthy, I just have a tendency to eat too much given half a chance. Nuts are a particular vice of mine, with bitter chocolate. I didn’t have a chance to cook today and so ended up eating far too many of them, a big mug full as well as a tin of chickpeas with sweet corn and beetroot, and an apple and a banana. It probably was close to my tdee of 2100 calories in total because nuts add up fast and as there isn’t anything else available that I can eat it will probably stop at that. It wasn’t a fast day so that is fine. I

    There are quite a few returners in the monthly challenge, you might like to join that.

    I thought i made a reply i guess it didnt go through.
    This is my second fast day.

    I thought it would be more if a challenge.
    I work 4 days a week 10 hour days.
    Friday Saturday and sunday off

    So ive choosen wednesday friday Sundays to ive fast days.

    Wednesday is going to be 800 calories.
    Friday 600
    Sunday 600

    I started this Wednesday with
    Nuts and berries at 200 calories
    Then 400 calories of pasta with meatballs
    And last break 200 calories coffee and cookies.

    Not as much a health day or fast day, but a calories restriction day. That i can still work strenuously if needed.

    Im about to just go to sleep .
    Feels like a waste of good evening just to avoid hunger. .but ill just get up about 3 hours early before work. Get all my chores and errands done. So that when i get off work on thursday ill be free to just enjoy the start of my weekend.

    Focus on the good fish meal. As ive elected to eat fish twice a week and fast 3 times.
    Ill be sitting by a fire cooking salmon to perfection. .

    Ta ta for now

    The Friday fasy started well, but i took my daughter to a doctor and she wanted lunch afterwards. So i enjoyed my lunch with her instead of fasting.

    But only snacked on Healthy foods and tried to exercise with barbells and walking for about 75 minutes.

    So im trying to fast today instead. My menu is planned for 4/3, but 5/2 is still a great success.

    I think overall fat loss is like how many meals can i skip over a years time without overeating the next meal to make up for the skipped meals.

    Each time i restart 5/2 i try to go for 4/3. i never can make it fit exactly to plan at first. So I might fast on two work days as im tired after work i just want to lay around anyway. I might as well try to see if i can manage it better on work days but keep back up food in my worker locker.

    But ive adapted by going to bed early. But waking up early the next day and getting stuff done. Then making a big effort to cook great food for the feed day.. For me it turns out after ive returned to fasting and most of tempting foods are gone. I start to focus on health food for feed day, because thats where the satiety is.
    My four days of satiety.
    Fish, Fast, Salad, Steak, Fast, Salmon, Fast.

    I beieve this cuts back on animal fats as well as at least 1/3 of protein.

    I still have a shopping habit of getting too much food on paydays for other people in the house. Then feeling tempted by it on fast days.

    Restarting today :). Then went into automatic pilot and started cooking breakfast lol! Put it in the bin and refocused. I am in such a good place at the moment with new job and new home that this is just the next step. I find it easier to fast all day and have my calories as my last meal of the day so will be looking forward to that 😀

    I do that too.
    I wake eT on something sweet and think. Oj crud. But i just keep on acting lije it never happened.
    I mean i know ive just blown it, but its a lifestyle. So im into the habits too. Replacing good ones from bad ones.
    Nuts and berries. If im gonna snack its just nuts and berries from now on.

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