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  • Well I have cracked 8 stone something this morning which I’ve been aiming for since I started in January at almost 10 stone.

    It hasn’t given me the joy I thought it would – why? because I had to have my dear old cat put to sleep on Friday and I haven’t been able to eat since.

    As I know the people on this forum to be kind and caring, I wanted to share this.



    awwwww what was his/her/ name

    how long was she part of ur family

    so so sorry

    big hugs

    Thank you so much, big hugs gratefully received.

    Tetley has been with our family since she was 6 weeks old and she was 21 last March.

    I thought I was ready to say goodbye and I’ve been savoring each cuddle over the last couple of years but it’s devastating when it comes.

    Thanks again X


    u can never say goodbye even when u know it is coming

    how many human yrs is 21
    sounds like she was the great great grandmother of ur family

    luv the name

    wish u surrounded by the people u lov & who luv ya back

    Oh bless. I’m so sorry. It’s so horrible when you lose a pet because they are such a huge part of your life it really is like losing a family member but people just don’t seem to understand that looking in from the outside.

    I know it must still be really raw for you at the moment but you will feel better in time and be able to think about your little pal without bursting into tears. I still miss my cats but it’s lovely to remember their mad little ways and I’m so glad that we were able to put them out of their misery towards the end rather than let them hang on in pain.


    So sorry! Losing a pet, is like losing a member of the family. Know you’re in my thoughts today, and that your cat is at rest.

    Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, am not able to access it. Will try accessing web site directly….

    @annie Somerset
    “It hasn’t given me the joy I thought it would – why? because I had to have my dear old cat put to sleep on Friday and I haven’t been able to eat since.”

    Sorry for your loss.

    Hoping that you discover your joy once again.


    I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to Tetley.

    I don’t think we are ever ready to say goodbye to our pets, no matter how much we know it must happen. And it is ALWAYS a shock! Even when its not a surprise, if you see what I mean. What a grand age 21 is, though!

    Give yourself time to grieve. And at least you get something positive out of it.

    RIP Tetley! Young and fit again!

    I’m so sorry that you had to make such a hard decision. Tetley was blessed to have a loving family, and you were blessed to have Tetley for 21 yrs. I’m glad you had warning and were able to savor your last weeks together. please know that you and your family are in our thoughts. ((((((HUG)))))

    congratulations on your weight loss. please try to take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself.

    Annie, I realize it’s 2 weeks since you lost your cat, but I just joined this forum, and here’s a hug.

    They are just like family. It’s so hard to part with them. My last dog, she lived to 17 years when I had her put to sleep. I kept her far too long. I just couldn’t bear to part with her. She wanted to leave sooner, but I was too selfish.

    I hope you’re doing ok without your dear companion.

    Thank you everyone. It has really helped. Goodnight X

    big hugs 4 2day πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your caring thoughts. I have been quite overwhelmed by the kindness of people.

    On the plus side, fasting has never been easier!

    does that mean u lost 112 lbs? wow missed that sentence while hugging πŸ™‚


    Oh not quite – lost in translation I think. Lost about 14lbs with about 7 to go. Slow but steady and much better relationship with food gained.

    Following your journey avidly!

    “Lost about 14lbs with about 7 to go”

    wooooooooo hoooooo congrats!!!!!

    u will be @ 6/1 soon πŸ™‚

    i call that group the elite group πŸ˜€

    congrats in getting so close!!!!!!!!

    have 50 lbs 2 go πŸ™

    but will make it in this FDL πŸ˜€

    One of my best friends and my step-father are both in the elite 6:1 group. I feel that I will probably have to stick with 5: 2 myself as I love to eat out and drink wine etc on my non-fast days and that way I don’t have to worry too much. But we will see.

    This forum feels like a family, doesn’t it?

    Annie x

    yepper πŸ˜€

    u can always do it
    intermittently the 6/1 πŸ˜€

    That’s the great thing. i have used 4:3 as a tool to move off a plateau every so often. I will be doing some form of this lifestyle forever and loving it!

    It’s not a fast day but feeling really sad and want to eat to fill the void as I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It was the hardest thing I have had to do this year and it’s especially hard because Christmas is just around the corner πŸ™

    Hello Annie and betalean

    Firstly Annie; I am so sorry for you having to have your beloved pet put to sleep. Like everyone else who has responded to your post; I can really empathise with you.
    To people who really love their pets; pets are like members of the family and just as loved (if not more!). Also to have your cat for 21 years; that makes it much harder to bear.
    Try and tell yourself that Tetley would be really pleased that you have lost so much weight and are now 8 stone something.
    He would wish you every happiness going.

    Hello to you too betalean
    Goodness there is definitely no worse time to split with someone than Xmas. I don’t really know what to say to comfort you except be good to yourself over this ultra emotional time.

    Try and have a nice time the pair of you.

    So sorry Betalean, Annie too.

    Betalean, I hope you pick yourself back up and that the New Year is just around the corner, with happier times to come. I know it’s hard to see that now. Go ahead and be sad, but just for a little while.

    Best wishes, for both of you.

    Hi Piper, thanks for your kind words. I’m just taking one day at a time and focusing on what makes me happy. I hope 5.2 woe is going well for you. All the best for 2014

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