Reduced appetite on non-fasting days?

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Reduced appetite on non-fasting days?

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  • I started 5:2 last week. I ate sub 500 caps on Tues and Thursday. Today I’ve really struggled to eat my TDEE. How essential is it that you eat those calories?

    I ran a 5K run this morning (I always run fasted so had no breakfast). I had a whole meal pitta with ham, hummus & a massive handful of rocket leaves for lunch.
    A bowl of spaghetti with tuna, anchovy, red onions & capers& red chillis for dinner with a green salad. I could only eat about half of it it as I was so full. I then forced myself to eat a half avocado.

    Is this OK for a non fasting day?

    Caroline. TDEE is your suggested maximum to retain your current weight. You don’t have to eat it as long as you are getting enough nutrition to function. Not eating it will cause you to lose more weight, which I surmise is your aim.. I have been 5:2 ing for about five years and my appetite is very much less than it was, which means that what I do eat has to be of good quality. You might want to google high density foods. The meals you describe sound fine to me. If they are too much, reduce the amount of spaghetti. Never force yourself to eat.

    Thanks, Penguin. That’s reassuring. I’ll Google high density foods.


    My appetite completely changed after just a few fasts. I need much less food to feel satisfied now than before I started 5:2.

    I think it’s part being more mindful of what I eat (do you really need that 5th slice of pizza?) and part just not being hungry.

    My diet is better now than before but I’m no angel. What works for me is to have one very healthy thing each day (in my case a smoothie concoction that includes greens, blueberries, good plant fats, fiber, and spices) as a “tent pole”. After that it’s negotiable some days!

    Good luck!

    Caroline, never think that you have to ‘live up to’ your TDEE. One of the keys to Fasting/dieting in general is knowing when to stop eating. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat. That said, we are not encouraging anorexia or orthorexia. Eat good food with lots of nutrition and know when to stop eating.
    Good luck

    The exact same thing is happening to me, Im nowhere near able to eat up to my TDEE on a non fasting day, yet before I started 5:2 I must have been way above it. I figured that this was okay, so long as I was eating above my BMR?

    Problem is, my BMR is around 2000 and I’m having to force myself to eat extra to get up to it.

    Can I eat below my BMR so long as I’m not going hungry? Or do I have to keep calorie counting to make sure I’m high enough?

    THIS is happening to me. I used to eat way more on my eating days, but now I usually do OMAD. Seems ok. I do have an occasional eat day with 2 meals, but still not a lot.

    Not going to worry about it though. I think being mindful and listening to our bodies is more important than trying to reach or not reach any number.

    I am also doing zero/keto which helps with decreasing hunger as well.

    I just do not want my metabolism to slow down. I am with you Amy and Caroline.. I wonder?

    Hi Michele:

    Here is a definition of metabolism:

    You don’t have to worry about it slowing down, or speeding up. It is what it is. I guess if you die it slows down, but until then it keeps going. There are no foods that I know of that speed it up, or slow it down.

    TDEE does go up and down with weight. So if you want the same TDEE or higher, just maintain or increase your weight. If you don’t want a lower TDEE, then don’t lose weight.

    I can’t believe the number of people that worry about the ‘speed’ of their ‘metabolism. But if you really think its speed may decline, then just think of it as your body becoming more efficient – needing less food (energy) to maintain your life.

    That would be a good thing, would it not? Unless you want an inefficient body so you can eat more food?

    Here are some 5:2 tips:

    Good Luck!

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