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    Keen to get cracking on the 5:2 diet? 500 calories a day (600 for lucky men) can seem forbidding, but Xanthe Clay’s delicious recipes with 250 calories or less will make the fast days fly by.

    There are some great recipes here with versions for men and women. Enjoy!

    Is the Original Horizon program still available to view anywhere? I’ve checked on YouTube and the BBC Archive but all I get are references. Does anyone know where I can download it please?

    [deleted due to copyright issues]

    Glad to see the website up and running. Also found the book v. Interesting and useful. Good that you followed thro on yr excellent programme last August. Been fasting twice weekly since then and gradually the weight is coming off. First time that has happened for ages! Thanks.

    [deleted due to copyright issues]

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is very well written, easy reading. Plenty of science to explain how and why it works without too much of the technical stuff. Definitely a ‘must have book’ to go with this new way of life. Brilliant!

    what medical conditions would not benefit from this program?

    My first fast day was yesterday. Stressful day at work yet managed to keep to porridge (with blueberries) and spinach soup in the evening. Now I’m fretting over whether or not I made it under 500 cals. On the positive side, it’s fairly easy to achieve and I’m hoping finally to shift the weight I’ve put on in the last 7 years. I’m 54 – should I be eating fewer than 2,000 calories anyway?

    Luana – there’s a list in the book, but we advise anyone who is on any meds to consult doctor first. Type 2 diabetics and people with a very lean body mass must have medical supervision. Type 1 diabetics should not fast at all. We also say no fasting for anyone who is pregnant, breast feeding or trying to get pregnant. And no one under 18.

    Hi please could you explain the 2pm to 2pm fast ie how many calories you shold eat up to 2pm and can you have the 500 btween 2pm and the following day at 2pm.

    Hi, my 16 year old daughter (almost 17) has a BMI of 26 and wants to try the diet. Can you help me explain why it is prohibited to under 18s? THANKS

    The program aired on SBS in Australia on 22 April 2013. The video is still available via their website SBS on Demand –

    It’s disappeared from SBS now – what a pity, I’d like to see it.

    Odille – 170cm – start 01 June 2013-115kg – current 111.5 – aim 65-70.

    Hello, Analog6 – I assume we’re talking here about Michael M’s original documentary on Intermittent Fasting, aired in the UK in August 2012. Search online under it’s title ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ and you should find it to view. For copyright reasons, any direct link to it here seems to be deleted but I hope that just quoting the title is not forbidden.

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