Really struggling now, but why?

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Really struggling now, but why?

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  • I have no idea where I’m going wrong, or do I??
    I was doing really well for about 4 weeks and had lost steadily, nothing mind-blowing, but just steady. Did a fast day yesterday, popped on the scales this morning and have put ON 4lbs, which is basically everything I’ve lost previously!!!
    Am I over compensating on the non-fasting days perhaps, and has anyone else had this issue? I’m gutted…….
    Jane x

    @chasey – 10 days ago my weight was below 78kg. On Friday morning it was a little over 83kg and today it was 79.3kg. That was mostly water weight coming and going. Weight is really a range and you mostly likely just saw a high point.

    You can use other measurements if you like. How do your clothes fix for example. One can even use a cloth tape and make measurements.

    On the average a lot of people lose about 1lb per week on 5:2. I lose less than that because my body fat is getting low and I workout harder to build some muscle. I also eat above the recommended amount on non-fasting days.

    There is a large number of variables:
    * How much you are eating
    * What types of foods you are eating
    * When you are eating and how often
    * How much weight you have to lose
    * How you exercise
    * etc

    Here is an example of what I mean by weight being a range:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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