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  • Hello all,
    If anyone can answer this question it would be much appreciated. I’ve made Mimi Spencer’s roast red pepper soup. It’s very good but my question is about the serving size. The recipe says it makes 4 servings with 58kcal per serving. But what is the serving size supposed to be? My batch of soup, following the recipe exactly yielded a lot of soup and divided into four servings makes for quite a large bowl (1 serving size). Definitely more than 2 cups. I just want to make sure I’m not eating more calories than anticipated. Is this correct, is each serving making for a large bowl of soup for anyone else? Does anyone know what the serving size is supposed to be? Thanks in advance.

    hello! I didn’t make the soup yet (just got the book) but made veg curry tonight and yes portion was large. Nice thou- did fill me up and felt happy not seeing tiny ‘diet portion’:) was delicious too!

    Thank you so much. I was hoping this was the case but was worried it just may have been wishful thinking. Great to be able to have a satisfying portion on a fast day!

    what is a serving size of carrots or celery? Is it one cup? Half a cup? Book says 40 calories per serving, just want to make sure I know what that is. Thanks in advance.

    Much as I love Mimi’s recipes, I too find them to be rather vague sometimes. Ex: one recipe calls for ‘one zucchini.’ Would that be a 4″ zucchini or a 14″ zucchini? This is why I mass out all my ingredients when I create a new recipe. And I have a file of common ingredients with their calories per ounce and per 1/2 cup.
    But I digress. If the recipe is made of 90% vegetables, then it will have very few calories and yield large servings.
    to check calories, I use the website CalorieKing. You type in an ingredient and it gives you the food values, often in several volumes: per ounce; per cup; per tablespoon. For prepared foods, it says only “per serving’ which, as you have noted, is no help at all.
    Happy Fasting.

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