Proteins or not on fast days?

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Proteins or not on fast days?

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  • In the documentary Valter pointed out that proteins are the main reason why our cells are locked in the “go-go mode”. So in order to get our body into the “service mode” we should limit protein intake. Limit not eliminate.

    But when I’m now reading fast day recommendations it seems that we should eat protein rich foods on our fast days.

    Isn’t this the opposite of what we should be doing?

    I’m doing the fast diet for a similar reason Michael started. To keep myself healthy as long as possible. Lowering my IGF-1, body fat, cholesterol etc. I’m not doing it to lose weight as I’m by no means overweight. I’m 40 years, 173cm tall and currently weight (after 5 weeks on a fast diet) about 64kg. I’m otherwise a road cyclist so having such low weight is something rather normal. I never weighed more than 70kg in my whole life, and was mainly between 64 to 69 through my adult age. I did lose 2kg during these 5 weeks and I wouldn’t like it to go below 60. Hopefully my weight will stabilize at some point, right?

    Anyway. Proteins yes or no and more importantly why we should be eating protein rich foods on fast days?

    Proteins definitely! Protein keeps you full longer. On fast days I stick to proteins and fruit and veg, no carbs. I use the My Fitness Pal app to check I am getting enough protein on non fast days too.

    I always have protein on fast days, it’s the Carbs I drop.

    Hi litera and welcome:

    You are running into the after effects of the low fat diet.

    The basic reason so many people recommend eating protein on diet days is that you will be less hungry because protein digests more slowly than carbs and provides a constant stream of blood sugar for a longer period of time. People that eat carbs soon find that they are hungry shortly after eating because their blood sugar has spiked but then fallen and then they are hungry again.

    The best food type to eat, however, is fat. It provides the same constant stream of blood sugar that protein does, but without the issues you raise. However, eating fat is still frowned upon because of the teaching of the last several decades that fat is harmful and should be avoided.

    While protein is necessary for human survival (so you don’t want to eliminated it from your diet) science has long known that eating too much protein is harmful to the body – if you eat a diet high in protein you will get sick. You don’t have to worry if you eat moderate amounts – say around 30% or less of calories from protein in your diet. So eating moderate amounts of protein is just fine.

    However, research has now shown that eating too many carbs causes all sorts of problems, including obesity and diabetes. So that leaves fat, which has been shown as not only necessary for human survival, but also as very healthy. There are some fats that should be avoided, like processed vegetable oils, but natural fats, like olive oil and animal fats, are fine (this is admittedly a simplification of the issue of good and bad fats).

    Here are some tips for those just starting 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Let me remind you all once more. My objective ISN’T LOSING WEIGHT, but lowering cancer and age-related diseases. My objective is to lower IGF-1 and cholesterol and other age disease-related things in my body. That’s why I was sceptical about protein-rich foods on fast days. I’m also doing my fast days in consecutive manner. Wednesdays and Thursdays every week because they’re the most appropriate days based on my weekly activity.


    @fabfrankie & @pamton: I don’t have any particular hunger problems that would require/force me to eat more proteins. I rather keep 25% of carbs as I’m very active. 5-8 hours of activity per week is my norm. Winter time on the lower side, summer time on the upper and some odd weeks even above.

    @simcoeluv: My current Wed & Thu fast days work nicely. And I’d like to keep it that way. When I’m active I also like taking carb foods with low glycemic index which also results in lower insulin spikes.

    So fat then. Does this mean that on my fast days I should be fine eating a more-fat-than-meat salami and cheese? That would give me more fat & less proteins? I should of course limit this to 25% GDA…

    But as I mentioned I’m not having hunger issues. Hence I don’t complicate with fast days’ meals. I normally prepare myself few strawberries (i.e. 3 medium sized), 3/4 of a banana, corn flakes and mix that with low calorie liquid yoghurt. I eat that around lunch time and that’s it. If my stomach does start to rumble a bit I eat an apple. Of course I have few teas during the day, but that somehow sums it up for me. That’s what I’ve normally eaten during fast days. And since today is Wednesday, I’m having the same.

    But thanks for you messages. Too bad there’s no Facebook group/community where people would be discussing all of these. Would be easier for the majority.

    I’ve updated you with additional information about a week ago. So what’s the consensus about protein intake on fast days based on my goals and my state of affairs?

    After a month or so having no problems whatsoever with this diet I’m thinking of introducing 4-day no-food fasting every 2 or 3 months. I’ll likely exclude this during my most active months of summer because it would impact my training too much.

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