prolonging the fasting window with a keto day

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prolonging the fasting window with a keto day

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  • I did the ketogenic diet for a while last year. While I generally liked the food and it did make me feel good for a while, I found it too difficult to maintain long term and started to crave carbs again after a while.

    I do notice that my body switches into ketosis with relative ease during my fasting days. I normally notice the typical smell on my breath and in my urine at some point during the day.

    Now, on the ketogenic diet, everyone always obsesses about staying in ketosis, because it is so difficult to get into it the first time, so people tend to be afraid to break protocol, because it will end the ketosis state and the body will use glucose (or glycogen) for energy again. So the ketogenic diet is normally a very strict, no cheating allowed kind of thing (which is one of the reasons it is so difficult to maintain).

    But this made me think: since I do slip into ketosis relatively effortlessly during fasting, wouldn’t it make sense to prolong the ketosis from the fasting day by just doing a ketogenic/low carb day the day after? You would not need to go hungry, because you could eat as much as you wanted (as long as you stay off starchy/sugary carbs and too much protein), but you could profit from the low insulin level that allows processes like the autophagy to go on for longer.

    Has anyone tried something something like this?

    I have been thinking the same thing, and I tried this for one day so far. Planning to do a keto day tomorrow as well.

    It makes total sense to me. I’ve plateaued at about 15lb from my goal weight (for 2 months!) so I want to be more serious about the last 15lb.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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