Progress not perfection

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  • 51 yr old male who had steadily gained weight through my 40’s. Started 5/2 at 220 lbs. have never really dieted before. Motivation: feel better, lose the extra weight and try and get key metrics back in place.

    So far, 4.5 weeks and 9 fasts in, 10 lbs lost, more energetic. It has changed the way I eat on feast days. Tend not to stuff myself as often, but allow myself to still enjoy food. I don’t always get it right but the trend is in the right direction.

    Last year my LDL and Triglycerides were at the high end of ok (borderline of needing meds). Hoping this years test show progress so I do not have to go that way.

    well done! great weight loss,i found over time my whole relationship with food has changed, keep us posted on your results and good luck! xx

    Thanks FFL!

    Congratulations! That sounds like great progress 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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