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  • I am an active 64 year old male. On April 8, I started the diet at 187 lbs. with a goal of reaching 170 lbs.

    For the first 6 weeks, I made steady progress, dropping to 177 at the end of week 7. I was very pleased. For the last 2 weeks I’ve made no progress. This morning I weighed 178 lbs.

    I don’t think I’m doing anything different now than when I started, but I seem to have hit a wall.

    Any comments, suggestions, advice?

    Similar thing happened to me. I lost 12lb and then put a couple on.So I followed the advice on the forum about what to do when the weight isn’t moving and counted calories for a week, boring but really effective at learning what different food ‘costs’ in calories. For me I made some different choices and lost more weight. I also walked more in that week. I am now up to 16lbs in 18 weeks(hopefully 17 lb by the end of the week). You state that you are active,have you thought about using a pedometer for a week and just logging how many steps that you do each day? The goal is 10,000 steps each and every day, but most people walk 3/4000 max.
    Any help?

    It is normally, that after some losing, the metabolism adjusts to the new on the specific situation.. After a while the weight loss resumes again.. Less calories and more activities 😉

    Just started this week! First fast day today and I’m trying to keep occupied – just signed up on here to get some inspiration. So looking forward to getting into the clothes I could wear when I was a smoker 2 years ago!!

    Annette52, I wanted to answer your question about activities:

    “You state that you are active,have you thought about using a pedometer for a week and just logging how many steps that you do each day? The goal is 10,000 steps each and every day, but most people walk 3/4000 max.”

    I don’t go walking very much, but I play soccer twice a week, go to a yoga class twice a week, and row a single scull twice a week. This has been my pattern for years.

    As I said, I really haven’t changed anything since I’ve been on the diet. Just seems the weight loss has stopped. Maybe it is just a pause as Anne Aronen suggests.

    I’m also wondering if 1 fast day per week will allow me to maintain my weight if I get to 170 lbs.

    On the bright side, may pants are looser around the waist!

    Would you all say that 1 lb. per week is about what to expect? If so, that’s close to where I am.

    By the way, my wife started the same day I did, and she reports the same.

    Hi Bull City,
    1 lb a week seems to be the expected weight loss, but I’ve also lost 3″ off my waist,3″ off the hips and 1″ off my thighs! So I am happy. Reading many of the other posts if you want to lose more, you have to increase the activity.Walking is brilliant for trimming the waist as well as burning calories.I don’t know much about maintenance(I have another bit to go yet) but gather that 1 day fast a week is sufficient to maintain.

    Thanks for these thoughts.

    Annette, that is a lot of inches! My yoga teacher told me about the diet. Her husband, who is 80, has gone from 40″ to 36″ and has bought a new wardrobe. Have you bought some new clothes?

    I find that the fasting isn’t that bad, and if “maintenance” is only one day a week, it is very sustainable (except I do miss the martini or glass of wine).

    I certainly plan to stay with it until I reach my goal, which is only another 8 pounds away.

    I’ll check in on this thread from time to time, and I hope others will too.

    Yippee! Progress has re-started. This morning I am back to 177.

    Glad to hear that progress has restarted.

    I have just bought a rather lovely summer skirt for £5 in a charity shop on the basis that I have about another stone to lose to reach a BMI of 25.So I see little point in spending money now, when i hope to be buying a new wardrobe in the autumn!So I am getting back into clothes that were impossible to pull up/on, which has given me great joy. I try on clothes every week which is a great incentive for me when I am fasting.

    I find the fasting fine now. My blood pressure is much improved and I feel so much happier without lugging another 16lb around.

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