Possible hypertension dizziness after eating

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Possible hypertension dizziness after eating

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  • Hi guys its my first post i need some addvice on Intermittent fasting hope ive come to the right place.

    Its my 4th day of intermittent fasting 16:8 fasting from 6pm to 10am ive had no problems up till now/this morning after breakfast consisting of 1/2 cup oats nuts & seeds with full cream milk with 1tps honey & a cup of tea ive sat down to watch the news about 5mins later i started feeling light-headed and sleepy is this normal?

    BP & suger B4 eating
    130/76 BPM 60.
    Blood sugars 6.

    After eating. +5min
    140/82 bpm 54
    Blood sugars 7.3

    +20min Bp 130/80 bpm 60 suger 7.8
    +30min Bp 130/80 bpm 61 suger 7.3

    Bp & suger going up make sense to me but heart rate going down to 54 is that normal?

    Not looking good guys this morning I tried breaking my fast in slowly with some coconut oil and fish oil tablets somewhat work did not feel lightheaded but only one mouthful of my usual breakfast sent my heart rate plummeting.
    Heart monitor reading minutes after eating 140/80 bpm 46 on the monitor. One for the Doctor

    Strange morning guys heart rate blood pressure all normal.

    BP after eating around 140/80 heart rate 70 to 80.
    Took around 30 minutes for blood pressure and heart rate to return to normal 130/80 60 bpm.
    Only thing I did different this morning was to break up my vitamins, supplements & medication over the 30 minutes instead of taking them all at once.

    My Vitamints.
    Ostelin (vitamin K2 calcium vitamin D)
    Thompsons Joint health. (Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Boron)
    Glutamine 5g.
    1/2 a Swisse multi vitamin for men 50+

    Still going well hart rate is normal after 1st meal of the day well for me any from 120/70 60bpm to 130/80 80bps.

    I dont have problem after eating with 2nd & 3rd meals.Im thinking it could be a initial breaking in symptom of intermittent fasting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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