Please help, feeling very "hangover" on fast days

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Please help, feeling very "hangover" on fast days

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  • Hi everyone, i hope you can advise me or give me hope at least. This is my second week and third fastday and i feel horrible everytime, no improvement so far. I drink loads, at least 3-4 litres water or tea, only have 1 small coffee in the morning with couple rice waffles and veggies, a salad at midday and a veggie dinner like zuchini noodles with sauce or soup. 500 cal total. I feel completely rubbish from around 1 pm onwards, gettong worse by the hour. Starts with headeaches and head pressure, hard to concentrate. Then muscle aching, feeling sick, shaky, shortness of breath, heat waves, just like i am having the worst hangover! The hunger is easy to manage, its really not a problem, but my body just fails me. At dinner time i am so weak and shaky that i can only sit, being nauseaous. I really want this to work. Is there anything i can do to help with that? Does anybody else experience this? What even is this? Is it going to get better?
    Thank you!

    What awful nasty things to be suffering Emiliana.
    My first thought was that you are dehydrated, but you are drinking lots of water.
    My second thought is that you are having caffeine withdrawals, but you are still having caffeine.

    I think the things to try now are:
    More salt. If you aren’t having enough salt you remain dehydrated even while you are drinking lots of water. Best way is some soup, but some people take salt tablets or dip the tip of their finger into salt and lick it. (Check with doctor if worried about hypertension or other health issues).

    Low GI and protein breakfast. eg boiled egg on wholegrain toast (preferably sourdough). If what you are experiencing is hypoglycaemia that may help. But if it is, you had better talk to your doctor as it is unusual to experience it with such light fasting.

    Lie down with your feet raised so they are higher than your heart. If you are at work and can’t do this, do it as soon as you get home. If you can, do it mid morning and mid afternoon. Lying on a floor is good because it helps your back and neck, which might help ease the headache. Make sure your spine is straight. Lay there for 15 minutes if you can, but even 5 minutes may help. Get up slowly. If you feel woozy when you get up it is a sign that your bloodpressure is low.

    I’m not a doctor, but the salt and the lying down ones are things I need to do.

    Hope you can work out how to avoid these symptoms. best wishes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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