Please give a newbie some advice!

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Please give a newbie some advice!

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  • Hi everyone!
    I’m really new here and after some advice please.
    So far I have done 3 fast days of 500 calories or under. The first 2 the scales dropped but the one I did yesterday, the scales did not move AT ALL! Not even 100g. I found this very dishearning as I thought I had done really well with food and did over 12000 steps.
    Any advice? Do I just keep going and hope to see a drop after tomorrow’s fast day?
    Thanks heaps!

    The weight behaves unpredictably. Sometimes you will lose more than you expect, sometimes less. Sometimes you plateau, doing the right thing, and nothing happens. However, stick with it and it will go down. You are entering a new life style -this is a continuing process, not a quick fix. There are quite a few of us around these sites who have lost the weight we wanted to lose and continue with the 5:2 because it is a healthy way of living.

    Hi Hayley,

    As penguin said, weight loss isn’t predictable and I’ve had occasions when I’ve weighed more after a fast day but that is nothing to do with fat loss as weight goes up and down all the time, it can vary over the course of a day. Weight is affected by how hydrated we are, if we are or have been unwell recently, on medication, pre-menstrual and a host of other things. If someone does a hard workout the body will retain fluid for a while to aid muscle recovery.

    Fat loss will be noticeable over longer period of time so if you are sticking to the plan, not over eating on non fast days you will lose weight.
    You should bear in mind that it isn’t a fast way to lose weight, but it is effective and helps us to retrain our appetite.

    I lost 30 kilos and have kept most of it off and this way of eating is the only thing I’ve tried where I’ve lost weight and managed not to regain it all plus more.

    Thank you both for your reply’s. I have considering giving up but now I shall keep going. I have another fast day today so fingers crossed the scales go down!
    Thanks for your encouragement, it’s great to hear others success

    Hayley, you have to give any new way of eating at least 2 weeks before you decide if it is for you. What are your goals for the 5:2 Plan? How many Fasts do you plan to do per week? What do you eat for your 500 calories? Here’s something I’ve learned in my 5 year of this Lifestyle: certain foods can affect you in ways you don’t expect. White rice, even a little bit, sticks to me like glue — adding weight that takes days to lose. Beer is the same. So look at what you eat and you might find a food to avoid.

    My husband lost 45 pounds through Fasting and has kept it off. This method works. Give it more time.

    Daily weigh ins are notoriously imprecise! Some people will only check once a week. They say waist size is a more reliable indicator. Be consistent and only compare readings taken at same time of day/circumstances.

    Talk to us, Hayley — how is it going for you?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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