permanent diet?

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  • Well I was just calculating my TDEE and BMR as I hit plateau this week and I’m shocked 😀 I’m 5`2 and complete couch potato at the moment as I’m on maternity leave and just treat this time as a holiday from normally hectic life. My TDEE at the moment is 1500 kcal my BMR 1250. So when (not if :)) I reach my goal weigh my BMR will be 1150 with TDEE 1380! As we where always told to eat way more then that no wonder I put all that weight on. A bottle of white is 600 kcal or there abouts 😉 wow that hit home that either I will exercise regularly for the rest of my life or be “on diet” to keep the same size. That thought definitely teach me a lesson. If you want to be slim and stay slim you will always have to be careful what you put in your mouth. Common sense really but it just by hit home and it hurts 🙂 good luck everybody in changing life habits! Xx


    You have figured it out. Most people cannot believe how few calories they need to maintain their weight (whatever it is). The fact is, a person just has to learn to do something with their spare time other than eat and/or drink. If they don’t, they will be ‘yo-yo dieters’, or just decide to be fat.

    As an aside, your TDEE reflects your exercise level, and your exercise level needs to be astronomical (like training for the Olympics in the decathlon) to materially raise your TDEE.

    Well said Simcoeluv it’s sad thou 🙂 I never stick to any diet as I hate being told what to eat, and always want to eat what I shouldn’t. I did usually get my weight down with exercise and got to my happy self twice in my life and both occasion fell pregnant 🙂 can’t even blame my children for the way I am because mother nature was good to me and I got back to my pre pregnancy weigh within weeks of giving birth to my boys. endless visitors, cups of tea, biscuits, and lack of exercise are to blame… not going to blame my friends and family ;)-they didn’t force me to eat the treats they bough, but from now on I’m going to treat every new mum with healthy lunch they need much more then biscuit 🙂 as for me I’m going back to running otherwise will have to be on diet forever and I love my food too much to do that. And it’s better figurade it late then never I think, and it’s good to have fasting as a great help so I can indulge myself time to time without worrying too much. It’s also good to be on diet that I’m able to stick to as learning how to create much healthier meals will benefit only me but the rest of the family too. And you know what? I’m not telling my 4 year old anymore just one more spoonful

    Issu, yes unfortunately this is all true! The way I got around xmas with all its treats was by going on ADF…every second day fasting.

    Now I am very close to my ideal weight and I have changed some things around. I look much closer at my weekly calorie consumption instead of my daily one. This is nothing for beginners though as one can fall of the waggon very quickly.

    If I overindulge on one day, I need to catch up the next day or the day after. Either an extra fast day or seriously calorie counting. Unfortunately, I die for Sushi and Sushi has tons of calories, even if I eat Sashimi (without the rice).

    Well, I guess nutrition watching and calorie counting has become part of my life. As simcoeluv has said, you need to do a hell of a lot of exercise to allow yourself a higher TDEE.

    My philosophy is: food controls your weight and exercise your fitness.

    Best of luck


    ‘My philosophy is: food controls your weight and exercise your fitness.’

    Perfectly put.

    Stef. I do ADF now as I’m fully aware of the fact I overeat on my FAT days 🙂 Or can’t resist wine or baileys in the evening – but I finally managed to beat that addiction now. With my TDEE and BMR so ridiculously low my weight wouldn’t move too quickly with 5:2 and I really hate waiting for long and get discouraged easily. I’m impressed with myself to be on ADF for 6 weeks now, and the fact I found the way of managing my bad habits, without feeling guilty when i have a naughty moment. WOW thats something 🙂

    I do get addicted easily too. When i was running I did find myself running for an hour a day- everyday. What shocked me lately when i could finally find out what distance i was covering in that hour run ( i did run on small country lanes and it was difficult to check how far i ran) I bumped into map my run app few days ago and i surprised myself that i did 11 km every day. I also ate what i felt my body needed then, so my weight did go down steady without worrying about occasional piece of cake 🙂

    I’m worrying a bit about what’s going to happen when i reach my goal, as I know myself very well and i know i can fall of the waggon very quickly doing 5:2 or 6:1 without counting calories on non fasting days. (i hate counting calories- i find it boring. I also know how difficult is actually estimate how much we eat, and that most of people underestimate their calorie intake) Simcoeluv wrote about it nicely in a plateau post, and i know i TRUE TO EVERY WORD 😀

    stef i also love sushi (getting hungry just thinking about it 🙂 lucky is my non fast day!

    maybe i will have to make myself and create a new habit of using myfitnesspal every day, and look at my weekly calorie intake (as i don’t see myself eating 1150 kcal everyday) or fast 2 days a week to keep the weight as it is? well i still have 9 kg to get there (1st 6 lb) so i hope my new habits will set to be a norm then and I will make better decisions for the rest of my life? 😉 One thing i know for sure! Not planning to get pregnant anymore so whatever it will be i wont have to change it for my growing body 😀

    thank you both so much for your replies and wise words, i guess i have to get use to to the fact that nothing in life ever comes easy 🙂

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