Pasta recipe on a fast day!

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  • I’ve just discovered Bare Naked foods who do noodles which have zero fat and very few calories, made purely of protein. Each pack contains 67 calories, so with Cajun chicken and a tomato and chilli sauce I’m still under 300 calories. For anyone that’s interested here’s the website: I believe you can only get them online. Hope this helps someone who like me loves carbs!

    Are the Bare Naked Noodles different from Shiritaki noodles?

    I’m going to answer my own question here, now that I know some facts. They contain 8cals per 100g and, believe it or not, really do behave and seem like noodles! I made a stir fry with them today and could not really discern a big difference between them and ‘normal’ noodles. They are not at all like Shiritaki – the clever guy who made them must have realised that the konjac plant from which Shiritaki are made is a good basis for noodles but he added a few other things which they really badly needed – and behold – noodles! I have used Shiritaki but they don’t have a great texture and never make you feel like you’ve had something to eat – with Bare Naked Noodles I felt I had had a completely normal meal. I have written to them asking if they will ever bring out a thicker version as a spaghetti substitute, that would be great. Anyway, can thoroughly recommend them – I don’t feel this should count as a fast day, it’s just been too easy. If I get horrendous wind or any side effects I will report back (bet you can’t wait), but so far, so good…

    I’m on a one-woman roll here! So, Barenaked noodles – have now used them for two weeks and can recommend them as having no nasty side effects and perfectly edible. Used them in a stir fry and they were fantastic, used them in a sauce today as you would pasta and they were good but not great. Pasta you can coat with a sauce – these things seem to repel any kind of coating so, for me, they don’t work as pasta as well as they do as noodles in a stir fry. The first question on this thread pertains to the high-protein BN Noodles – they are being relaunched and the ones you buy at the moment do not have high protein so definitely do not fill you for long. I’d love to see this formula tweaked even further by the addition of more flour – taking them into the low-carb territory not the hardly-any-carb territory they’re in just now. It would be great to have something a little closer to pasta that allowed you to eat on your fast days as if you were eating pasta, but with fewer calories. Anyone listening out there – Peter Jones?

    I use slim noodles which are the same thing, possibly slightly cheaper. I don’t like the pasta which is just a thicker version of the noodles but I do enjoy the noodles. I sometimes treat them like instant noodles, just rinse, dry, fry off in a few squirts of 1 calorie cooking spray and add a knorr stock pot. Delicious.

    Hi, I’m new on here & to the 5:2/Fast Diet so only had 2 fast days so far but yesterday on my fast day I used the Barenaked noodles as a substitute for spaghetti. I made a bolognese sauce using one of the 5:2 Recipe Book’s recipes but swapped the beef mince for Quorn mince which meant I could then add some of the Barenaked protein noodles (I figured they’d be tastier/more filling) as my pasta alternative.

    I have to say I was VERY wary of using the BN noodles at first as they smell horrid! It didn’t tell me to rinse them but I did but it still didn’t take away the strange smell so I was just hoping that cooking them would (it only takes 3 mins in a pan to cook them) Luckily when I added them & mixed them into my bolognese sauce they tasted pretty good! My boyfriend said he actually prefers them to actual spaghetti! I wouldn’t go that far (I do love pasta) but they were very good & we shared a 380g pack between the two of us and it was plenty.

    Thumbs up here!

    Barenaked noodles are the same as shiratake noodles and Slim Noodles – they are made from konjac flour.

    Yes, I agree, they DO smell awful – I find the texture of these rather strange too.

    they seem to be all around the same price.

    I think they may be an acquired taste.


    I really love courgette spagetti made using a spiraliser. It can be eaten raw or sautéed gently to warm it up and serve with a sauce.Also great fun for the kids to make.

    I have ‘courgetti’ frequently, especially on fast days – I make mine with a mandolin. I put it in a covered bowl and microwave it for a minute. It stays like ‘al dente’ pasta that way.

    I also have cauliflower ‘rice’ – put some cauliflower florets into a processor and pulse until it looks like grains of rice. Put in a covered bowl – do NOT add any water – and microwave for a minute or so. I have mine with vegetable/chicken/prawn chilli or curry.


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