Old medical problems returning after losing weight

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Old medical problems returning after losing weight

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  • Hello everyone,
    Two weeks ago an old problem i’d had about 7 years ago returned, i’d snapped my right achilles tendon and had to have surgery to have it repaired, now my left achillies has flared up, i’ve been referred to Physiotherapy, she gave me stretches to do and said my posture was good, its always been really bad in the past, walking on the insides of my feet due to all the extra weight.

    Saturday i started to have back pain, so i rested and did much less i didnt go swimming on monday as usual, by monday night it was much worse so another trip to the doctors.
    another old problem has returned that i haven’t had trouble with since my boys were small, (both are adults now) i’d had a prolapced lumber disc (slipped disc) it took months of physio and traction to fix it, but this time ive caught it early and is only a prutuding disc. so strong pain killers and resting is all i can do for now.

    I was thinking how strange that i was nearly 3 stone lighter and yet these problems were returning, but it does make sence, i used to walk on the insides of my feet due to the extra weight so had terrible posture, my body had to adjust to this hence the problems in the first place, now ive lost the weight and my posture has improved, along side being much more active than ive been for years, swimming, and dance class weekly.

    I see this as a hiccup in my journey, but thought it a good idea to share, as others may of had the same problems as myself. xxx

    after being on strong pain killers and two days bed rest, im feeling much better today, still managed to fit my wednesday fast in including somethnig to take the meds with, dont think i will be doing my dance class for at least a couple of weeks, im so thankful its no where as bad as last time. xx

    Keep going with the weight loss. It can only lead to good. X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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