O.M.G., I smell of Cat Pee!!!

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  • So, I noticed an odor… and I have cats and so thought “Damn it, Princess Tiny Feet”. But long story short, it’s not my menagerie, it is coming from me!!! Apparently kids, a byproduct of going just a little bit gung ho with this is an eye watering, embarrassing ammonia odor…

    As I understand it, (and please help me out if I’m wrong) when your body doesn’t have enough free carbs to glucogenicize– in your liver, you rip sugar from your skeletal musculature, and a byproduct of the enzymatic breaking up of protein is a lot more ammonia being produced inside. Both gross, and really awful for my sweet six pack which I’m just sure was hiding under my belly…

    What I don’t get is why I can’t just turn fat to energy instead/first. Like what’s the point of retaining fat genetically, if in starvation mode I eat the far more useful muscle?… How would a starving guy kill that mammoth without his muscles? I thought starving was the one time fat was good! What is it doing, if it doesn’t provide me energy?

    Anyway, at least the solution to this, (if anyone else encounters it too) is easy breezy cover girl. Apparently all you need is more carbs or less exercise- and I’m totally ok with both of those options 😉

    I think you may be smelling an acetone like smell, which is ketones being released from the burning of fat for energy. It can give you really bad breath. Are you certain it’s ammonia? You should not be breaking down muscle!

    I’d suggest you take your problem to your doctor. S/he would be able to put it in the context of your overall health (and might be able to suggest answers to the physiological/evolutionary questions you pose in your post.)

    Take care,

    I had a similar problem with a cat pee smell – only it was more like cat pee on a rag that had been left in a damp place for a few days! My smell started long before I started on the Fast Diet. I did lots of research on the internet and found many other women complaining of the same problem but all of them, like me, got no help from the medical profession. In my case, only I could smell the smell. It was as if it was psychosomatic. I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18months ago and the smell disappeared pretty much straight after my surgery. That made me wonder whether the smell was linked to the cancer (you’ll have heard that some dogs can smell cancer on their owners!) but I’m in my early fifties, started taking Tamoxifen shortly after the surgery, which messes up your oestrogen, so it could all be hormonal. I hope you get it sorted anyway.

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    This is a problem I had for most of my adult life–until I went through menopause. However, I found out that Emma Stone (actress) has had the very same problem. The root cause is definitely dietary in nature or so the article said. I’m not a doctor and I have no medical background but I started taking a chlorophyll supplement and it seemed to help. Evidently the chemical compounds in chlorophyll react with your PH levels in your sweat. My sister had the same problem and that’s what her doctor told her to do (way back in the early 1970’s). The product also helps with bad breath. I can’t suggest a company to purchase them from but I’m sure if you “Google” the words “chlorophyll supplements” a number of websites that sell the product will pop up. Otherwise, if the problem persists, then you should make an appointment with your family physician who will most likely run a battery of blood work, urine analysis and possibly other test that may or may not be covered by your insurance.

    I realize this is an old post, but thought I’d comment here in case you still use this site or if anyone else is searching for answers still.

    I had the same issue, did tons of studying, trial & error, and realized that it was because I was drinking too much coffee. In fact, I experimented and realized even just one cup of coffee can cause that kind of stinky sweat.

    I did research on it and other people have said that they experienced the same thing. Stop drinking coffee for a few days and see how you do. Unless you have some kind of medical issue (which is unlikely) it’s probably just that you need to cut out the coffee.

    Also, to help your body detox faster, you can take a warm bath with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in it and soak for about 45 minutes. It helps cut down on the uric acid in your system that isn’t filtering out when you pee.

    Hello Milak
    For one this had nothing to do with actual cat pee it has to do with how the body is breaking down the proteins and the lack of carb in the body. And you seem to be super spoiled due to the “maids” doing all the cleaning. But the cat named after the girlfriend that is funny. Have a good one.

    Take some medicine, you will recover…

    And other people confirm that you have such a smell? I know that some people have only a feeling that they smell. But they do not hear other smells.

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