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  • HI I have used the fasting diet for about 8 years and it has worked well when I need to lose weight. Now 60, I find that after an initial 2 lbs loss on week one , I simply don’t lose weight anymore . I don’t over eat on the other days , have a low carb diet averaging 1000 calories that includes 20 mins bike and 10 mins step. I weigh my food to be exact.

    I am concerned that nothing helps me lose weight now. I tried the fast 800 lost 6 lbs in first week and nothing for the next 4 weeks .

    Any ideas ? For the first time in my life I am a stone overweight and panicking.

    Hello Im 61 and was really concerned that id messed up my metabolism after years of yoyo dieting then previously loosing 2 stone on the 5 and 2 only to gain it back by trying to be social with food.
    I started this time using 16/8 it was hard initially but now Ive got used to it..recently Ive upped the time of non eating and consume my 500 clories after 22 hours..It does seem to be working and I have so far lost 6 lbs.
    I also stick to my TDEE religiously–I don’t want to slow anything down
    I do appreciate how much harder it is at our age to turn things around. I am sure however it can be done and if you have done that(as you made your post in feb then power to you :))
    Good luck you, me and all over 60s!

    Hi thank you for responded . Yes it does seem to be tough in ones 60s. I may have a go at the 16/8. I have currently finished a week of 15 grams carbs a day Keto which was hellish, largely I was trying to shake the body up. So back on the 5 2 tomorrow and see what happens. I will look at the 16/8 for sure . Good luck to you !

    I’ve just turned 69. Have struggled for years with weight loss. Discovered 5:2 fasting a few years ago and lost a stone, then static so abandoned it. Then I tried again, this time going for 2 x 36 hour fasts a week. Found it so much easier not to eat anything at all (plenty of fluids) for 36 hours than have a small amount of food. Lost 16lbs in 2 months and thought that’s it, I’ve cracked it. Since then I’ve followed exactly the same eating pattern but have lost nothing in the following 3 months, I just don’t know why. I’m carrying on because I think the other benefits apart from weight loss are important but it’s very frustrating. I don’t know whether to cut down on food intake on non-fasting days or eat more to boost my metabolism. 🤷‍♀️

    Muscle takes up around 18% less room than fat, despite the fact that both weigh the same. Muscle also burns calories, but fat stores them. Hence, you can be gaining muscle if your weight isn’t going down but your clothes are starting to fit more loosely.

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