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  • I’ve been following the diet for 9 weeks now and last week moved to 3 days of fasting to try to boost weight loss. Have lost only 2.5 to 3kg (or approx 7lb) in that time and was hoping for faster results. From what I read most people are losing at a faster rate. Any clues on how to improve my results. I have no trouble with fasting days and usually have my 500cals at one evening meal.

    I think 2.5k is amazing even in 9 weeks!

    Im in my 6th week and have lost 2.6 kilos. Much slower than what I have seen other 52ers lose but everyone is different.

    I’m quite happy with how far I have come considering I wasn’t losing any weight before I started.

    Are you taking measurements and progress photos?

    I agree, half a stone in less than two months is brilliant and definitely measure yourself with a tape. Sometimes I gain weight on the scales but measure the same or even less. And your friends and colleagues will tell you if you’re looking slimmer, the best measure of weight loss I think! Read from the plateau forum, that will make you feel better. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you all for the feedback. No I did not take measurements at the start, so have missed that opportunity. Having been yo yo dieting for forty years I thought I would just wait to feel the difference in my clothing. I now feel more positive about my current loss and plan to keep at it for a long term project. Cheers.

    Sounds like you have a good positive attitude. Focus on how far you’ve come rather than how far you have to go. I have to remind myself of this often!

    How much do you realistically have to loose? I tend to find peoples before and after weights who loose it quickly are much bigger to start with then i am. The total amount i wanted to loose when i started was 14-21lbs and its coming off fairly slowly but coming off.

    For years ive done calorie controlled diets, point counting, red\green days!Infact for the 5 months before i started 5:2 i had only lost 6.5lbs on weight watchers were my weight was going up and down. I hit 12lb at one week but then it would go on and off.

    At least with 5:2 it tends to follow the down arrow regularly.

    I think to myself that if i had started 5:2 when i started Weight Watchers in January i would have definately lost more than 6.5lbs stupid pounds.

    The fact that we are now on 5:2 means we are on the right path, even if it does take longer than others.

    We are all different so I think it’s best not to compare yourself with anyone else. I always see losing slowly as better for your body shape and tone and its more likely to stay off. Even staying the same is preferable to the steady gain we are all prone to when not watching what we eat.

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