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  • Hi all, wish me luck….surely fasting for one day a few times a week cannot be to difficult…..wish me luck.

    Hi Optomist,

    I am nearly through my first fasting day.
    Good luck for yours 🙂
    Toughing it out from here, might get stuck into some housework to avoid the kitchen.
    Feeling pretty pleased with myself for not cracking so far

    Good luck optimist!! Great name too 😀
    Good idea to keep busy janwinter3350. Tomorrow is not far away.
    I made it through my third day yesterday, and it was so much easier than the first and second! I tried a different balance of food each time and I think I am working out what is best for me.
    Good luck for the next fast day too!!

    @iwant2bincontrol – same for me!
    I found it best to keep busy too, outside with the dog or in the garden, anywhere out of the kitchen.
    I’m looking forward to Thursday and hopefully a weight loss!

    Hi Optomist (the name says it all!)

    Good Luck

    Than you all,
    First fast day was fine,one good meal in the evening,picked up on exercise again…nearly knocked dog out swinging a weight.
    Will this really be way of eating I can maintain…..hears hoping….how do I put right my mis spelling of Optimist?

    Me too optomist! Feel proud it’s 10pm and I’ve not cracked either. What did you eat today?

    Evening, yesterday was first fast day…..nothing till evening,then meal of pork chop,jacket pot and salad,treated myself to four cracker reads with marmite and a Cadbury light drinking choc later on. No real problem,drank lots of water. Ate normally today…whatever normal is. How about you? One meal or a couple of smaller ones?

    I made a 200 cal tuna salad for lunch at work with loads of pickled gherkins, a few olives, celery, spring onion and dressed with vinegar and pepper. The crunching made it last longer so felt like a bigger meal. Then did a box fit class (first exercise in 6 months) after work and came home and had 2 cod in butter sauces with carrots seasoned with parsley. It was nice but am hungry now so heading off to bed now. Might try only having one meal myself like you. How was the hunger during the afternoon?

    Not eating throughout day not too big a prob, often do it although advised not to, drinking enough water keeps hunger at bay,good luck to both of us.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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