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  • Hello! Glad I found this forum. I have done fasting in the past I didn’t even know when I did shift work.

    A little about me. Over twos years ago I had to leave my home country with my husband. Since then I moved coutnry twice amd moved aout 4x. The last 4 years we have been living out of boxes. Looking forward to moving home next yeari n 2020. With this upheaval in my life last couple years I have put on weight which I am not happy about. I am finally starting to get back on track.

    Last week I started 18:6. I really like it and find not very hard at all. I have cut out sugar and gluten. Gluten has always bothered my stomach. I am mainly vegetarian. I have low blood pressure, normally for me can be from 90/60-110/60. My mum is the same way.
    Today was the first day trying to exerixe during the fast. I did better than I thought. I didn’t have tons of energy but I was not feeling so weak that I would have to sit down. I was not able to do my usual jogging I just power walked for 1 hr and a little bit of running here or there. With my blood pressure I did not want to over do it.

    One thing I am concerned about on this type of eating is I read it can lower your BP. WEll in my case I don’t want to lower it. I want to rasie it. I have read drinking lots of water is very important as well getting enough sodium. I will be drinking miso or bone broth. I have found my stomach has shrunk well it feels like it. I need to adjust the my meals as I am getting full way faster than I did in the past.

    In the past week I have lost 2lbs. My clothes are feeling loser which is nice.

    I think that is it for now.

    thanks for reading 🙂

    Hello, I joined to tell you all my simple story. After going on a short cruise here in Australia I decided to lose some of the extra kilo’s I was carrying ( I was about 167 kilo’s or 368 pounds )so I made up a diet -my own I thought , of just having one meal per day and that would be whatever our family was having that night . So much for science !. I started my diet or way of life in November 2017 around the 14th and am still going and although I have fallen off about 5 times as in had a beer or 6 or eaten 1 day 2 or more meals I have lost plenty and am down to 104 kilo’s . 229 lbs a total of 63 kilo’s lost (yes I know you can do the math but I just love to see it in writing 🙂 . After a while I spoke to my doctor who said after checking me out that @ 70 years old I should have done it all sooner and to keep it up because my health is great . NOW- I don’t mean everyone should do what I have done ,I just am telling you my story because what worked for me was great and maybe a variation may be for you so good luck –Perry

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