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  • I just found this section “Fasting As A Way of Life” and I really like that, because that is what I intend to do with 5:2.

    I read on the home page (follow the link on the home page to Huffington Post), that Mimi has a new book coming out called The Fast Beach Diet! I sure hope we get it in the U.S. soon. You know I am a serial dieter, I admit it. I’ve made a career of going from one diet to another (and I’m still fat!), and one thing I’ve noticed is that the successful diets keep the momentum going – think of the book series by Weight Watchers, South Beach and Atkins! I sure the hope Fast Diet keeps doing that as well.

    Well, my first fast is on Monday. My plan was to start last Monday, but life got in the way. My new goal is to make 5:2 a PART of my life so that it doesn’t “get in the way”, but is as natural as brushing my teeth every day. I have more confidence in this plan than I’ve ever had on other plans.

    Joyfulnoise, this is Pea Jay I have made 5:2 a way of life for nearly 9 mo. It is truly wonderful in the ease with which I have been keeping the fasts. My husband and I are doing this together which is a huge help. We early on got food into the house for our fast days. We plan to fast Mon and Thurs. some weeks social things interfere if they are around food. We discuss which days we now want to fast since our usual one or ones are a problem.. Then we do it. I think the fasting days were harder at first. Now it is like setting the table, very routine. My body has gone down from pants in size 16 to 8. Top size went from large to petite medium. As this happened it astounded me that it was so easy. I have been on a few diets over the yrs. I am 69. Never before this did I loose so much obvious FAT. I am a pear shaped figure and I lost from waist, hips thighs and arms. Very little lost from face and fingers. I have lost 23 1/2 lbs. since beginning mid Aug last summer. Actually I have only missed 3 fast days in that time frame. I am conscious of what I eat on the five days. I sometimes have to work at eating well and stopping. Hope you have success. I think it is fantastic! Pea Jay

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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