my figures : 107 kg to 86 kg from may to october

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my figures : 107 kg to 86 kg from may to october

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  • Male, 45 years, large boned, height 181cm.

    Mid May 2016 my figures :
    weight 107 kg
    glucose 91 mg/dL
    triglyceride 167 mg/dL
    HDL 37 mg/dL
    LDL 111 mg/dL
    IGF-1 not measured

    Started eating dieting
    8 am bran flakes, 0% fat milk, orange mixed with water
    12 noon 2 egg omelette mixed with carrot, tomotoe, onion, chicken, and drink water
    5 pm bran flakes, 0% fat milk, orange mixed with water

    I ate this EVERY day until mid october, I think its adds upto approx 600 calories. I lost an average 1 kg per week.

    Mid October 2016 my figures :
    weight 86 kg
    glucose 88 mg/dL
    triglyceride 63 mg/dL
    HDL 47 mg/dL
    LDL 93 mg/dL
    IGF-1 188 ng/ml

    I am still over weight according to BMI, my target is 80 kg to achieve a normal weight BMI.

    Since seeing the BBC documentary fast eat live longer, I have switched to alternate day fasting, for the moment my weight has levelled out at 86kg.

    Hi ArranP, I’m amazed you were able to eat so little for months. That must have been very hard.

    Most people here probably eat around their TDEE level of calories on non-fasting days. That is probably much more comfortable.

    I’ve been reducing my weight for almost 5 years from 104 kg to my current 81.7kg. I only started fasting without replacing the calories when I was stuck at 86kg. So far I’m in my second month of 5:2 and it is working well for me. Fasting is so much better than starving myself! However I never ate as low as you were eating. My low days were more like 1600 kc to 2000 kc.

    If you can’t lose weight with the fasting you might want to look at It is possible you are suffering from adaptive thermogenesis since you were eating so little for months. That really isn’t a good plan. These days I’m actually eating more calories on a weekly basis than I was with portion control and I’m actually losing weight.

    Also be aware that with fasting there is often rapid weight loss at first which is mostly water. The fat loss is slower but rest assured there is probably no better way to lose fat. I wish you luck.

    I’m very much obliged to try the diet you mentioned. But, does this have any affect on change of the timing? Please let me know .

    I don’t know, probably not, but those are just the times that I eat.

    The only one that may, is the 5pm eating, I found the later I eat, the more full my stomach feels when sleeping.

    I always weighed myself naked first thing in the morning, after going to the toilet but before taking a shower. What I found was I always lost my weight whilst sleeping.

    Good morning!! I’m 10.13 goal weight 9.12!

    now 82 kg, only another 2 kg to go 🙂

    Are you still practicing ADF Arran? Do you still eat only those things listed in your first post? Well done for the distance you’ve traveled!

    I’ve relaxed my strictness, somedays I have an I’ve cream or burger etc, but then some days still only eat the bran flakes with sultanas and tomatoe soup with brocili to keep the weight coming down to 80kg.

    Thank you for your comments of support

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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