my fast day food – look ok?

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my fast day food – look ok?

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  • Just started, got a few high results in my blood tests. Early 30’s and I need to lose a few kg from my waist area. Does this look alright for a male, typical fast day? I was hoping just to repeat it with small changes each week. 3rd fast day coming up on Thursday.

    Food Quantity Calories

    Hard Boiled Egg 1 78
    Banana 1 122
    Apple 1 95
    Steamed Broccoli 150g 47
    Steamed Carrots 140g 49
    Lemon Juice 30ml 8
    Poached Chicken 100g 165
    Tea 7cups 12
    Almonds 3 21

    Total 597



    Hi, that looks good to me. I have started today and its good to see a menu, you seem to have a good balance there.

    I think is look so nice and perfect ok

    I’d probably cut back on the 7 cups of tea! Unless it was herbal.

    Thanks, yes it’s herbal. Green tea and some raspberry included. I’ve also modified it slightly to mix it up and keep things interesting. I now rotate between, chicken, fish (snapper, salmon etc.) and tofu.

    Looks good fella. I’ve cut my hot drinks right back to two coffees a day only because I can’t drink it without some skimmed milk, can’t do it black. Foods similar to mine, lunch at work will be egg salad today, one that is with leafy salad and weight watchers dressing, after an Alpen light bar. Tonight I will have a skinless chicken breast (baked in oven) with lots of veg and then a muller light Greek yoghurt. Oh and lots of water. Lost 10 pounds so far. Thank god the weight is beginning to go.

    All the best!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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