mushroom calories?

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  • Hello 🙂 newbie alert – I ll do the intro stuff later but could I seek your input please? Raw mushrooms – I chop/whizz them small then boil with vegetable stock cube/granules and a small chicken stock cube, dash of black and white pepper – food heaven and no need to add any thing to cream it up 🙂 Problem – so many differing numbers for cals in mushrooms – ranging from 75 g = 15 cals to 100 g = 13 cals – what is the best guideline please? I am so wanting not to exceed my daily limits on fast and feed days.

    Many thanks


    I ve decided to go with cooked white boiled – 156 g = 44 cals -fingers crossed that is roughly what you guys calculate your mushrooms as?

    Hi can you tell me a good calorie counter llnk? I’m desperately trying to find the calories for clams and mussels which I’m cooking for the family today so I can do my fast with the same ingredients. Thanks for help


    do an internet search for calorie content of clams and it will bring up lots of sites where you can look at the content for any foodstuff you are using.

    Hi Marian, try the app MY FITNESS PAL. it keeps track of your calories each day. you can also scan bar codes. It logs all your searches so you only need to search once! Just dont take note of dire warnings of not eating enough on fast days!! The NHS calorie counting site also works well.
    Good luck!

    Hi Rocy65 thanks a lot for that will check it out.

    Hi Rocy65, sorry to bother you again. I downloaded the fitness pal app. Does it allow me to put in a food and get the calorie info. Can’t find that page. Also how do I fill in my daily meals. Sorry new at this 😟

    How about medicinal mushrooms?

    As much as I know about medicinal mushrooms, it has a strong reputation for fighting cancer by improving immune response and are very useful.

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