multivitamins for hairloss?

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multivitamins for hairloss?

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  • I have a terrible problem of hair fall and I did consult a dermatologist and was in treatment for the past year. Along with the treatment I came across several websites one day, where people suggest having multivitamins help make a slight difference and improvement as there were cases of vitamin deficiencies. I also started to search for such health supplements and saw a few. I was wondering if somebody could advise me on this on which to buy and what all to consider?

    You can use biotin (vitamin B7) it will help.

    You can use Vitamin C for your hair loss treatment.

    The short answer is that if a multivitamin contains specific ingredients shown to support hair, follicle, or scalp health, you may see some improvement in the overall quality of your hair. So they should include first:
    biotin – helps alleviate nail brittleness; promotes healthy hair; and improves the condition (smoothness and elasticity) of the skin
    collagen – helps build connective tissue – a major structural protein providing 18 amino acids
    These supplements are a must-have if you desire gorgeous hair.

    I took iron because I had the same problem
    to take multivitamins you should take tests to prevent a surplus of some elements

    Have you been tested for anaemia? I suffered hair loss due to this and needed iron tablets from my GP

    Understand you very well. Afther Covid-19 I lost a lot of hair. But I could stop this fall with these vitamins:
    -magnesium – it helps to keep your nerves and to be very worried about hair loss
    -calcium – important thing for our body
    -zinc – great for hairs and nails

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    It’s great that you consulted a dermatologist and are taking treatment for it. As for multivitamins, they can definitely help improve your hair health if you have vitamin deficiencies. When it comes to buying them, it’s important to consider the ingredients and their quality, as well as any potential interactions with your current treatment. I recommend talking to your dermatologist or a qualified nutritionist who can suggest specific brands and types of multivitamins that would be suitable for you.

    I read somewhere about some method with genetic engineering. I don’t remember where. But the gist is that cell therapy can help a lot with this. Or maybe it was an experimental method, I’m not sure.

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