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  • I had some time ago had a lot of success missing breakfast. I then got into the habit of having it again after being ill. I am now back to my usual ways of snacking a lot and not fasting.

    I am keen to hear again from others who do well with no breakfast – I’m trying to get myself back in the flow of it.

    Happy fasting!

    I have found that I need to skip breakfast (especially on FDs) and once I was in the habit of it, I would extend my fast to skip breakfast the next day and break the fast at lunch or dinner time.

    My best tricks for sticking with it, have an 8oz glass of water first thing in the morning. Then a cup of tea or black coffee. (any milk in my coffee – which I did love) wakes up some kind of dragon that can’t wait for lunch. I also found a love for just a shot of espresso which gives me a different kind of boost vs black cup of coffee.

    It takes practice and if I’m making breakfast for my SO and not eating, but feel like I do want something (cold mornings can be challenging) then I will heat up a cup of broth and that can be quite helpful and tasty.

    Hope those tips help.

    Things like sleeping badly, being a bit dehydrated, or what I have eaten the day before, all seem to impact how hungry I am when I wake up in the morning. I also wonder whether we just go through stages.

    Maybe if you concentrate on stopping, or limiting, those snacks, and just making good healthy meals, you will find yourself ready to fast again.

    Or maybe if you can just go all out on one good fast day, you will find you have broken your pattern and start eating in a healthy way again.

    Whichever way you choose, you can do it! Sending best wishes.

    For me I’m much better off with a hearty breakfast which greatly curbs my hunger throughout the day. My breakfast is typically unsweetened oatmeal, a good amount of fruit and nuts. If I eat a more typical sweet/desert style breakfast then I’m hungry and stacking.

    For most people it is better to eat heavier earlier in the day because the body is more responsive when it is rested. The liver has more room to store sugars and often insulin response is better than when a heavy meal is eaten late in the day.

    I’m from the USA any many typical US breakfast foods are really deserts. Eating desert for breakfast is a bad idea and in that case it probably better off skipping it.

    I’m another who finds that eating breakfast opens a hunger dragon. We just have tea or coffee, then eat breakfast around 1. This 16:8 pattern helps us to maintain.

    Thank you for the supportive posts!

    Clinique you are spot on, all those factors impact how large my appetite is and how hungry I feel. Thank you for your encouragement and support which I have reread a few times.

    Polly and Rabette – snap! Yes it’s really odd isn’t it? I can have any breakfast at 7 and by 10 am I’m seeking a biscuit or fruit or nibbles. Yet with fasting this doesn’t happen.

    Dykask really i tereting I have found even if I have a high protein high fat breakfast My appetite (not hunger) is revved up. Although connecting what Clinique also said there are sats where I wake ravenous and have had to have food but it’s been mindful.

    Fasting just seems to kill the grazing monster which bedevils me. It’s weird I can leave all the bread etc alone when fasting.

    My will power has been rubbish in the cold mornings though, I have been quite restrained just having milky coffees but they still unleash the appetite.

    My problem this last week has been having a dreadful cold and cough. Talk about starve a fever, feed a cold – it’s all I want to do. Result – 1.4 lbs over top wriggle room. And rarely, it’s been needing to eat before 1pm and wanting comfort food.

    Well, I should be better soon and back to routine.

    Polly, me too. My husband and I were saying we feel we have had a cold that’s lasted a month. Ah well surely it must keep the metabolism hyped to have a few extra kcal.

    At least you know what works and get back on track. It’s rotten feeling ill so let yourself off the hook and recover. Your body is doubtless using additional energy to fight the virus.

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