Metalic taste in my mouth

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Metalic taste in my mouth

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  • Hi All,
    When fasting did anyone suffer from metallic taste in their mouth?
    I am doing the fasting days back to back, so this is the 2nd day…
    Apart from the headaches (which I am prone to anyway) not much of an issue.
    A bit hungry towards the evening but getting on with it.
    So… does anyone else encountered this issue before?

    Yep – most if not all should experience it at some point. It’s telling you that you are in ketosis (fat burning), so learn to love it.

    It doesn’t bother me at all anymore – I actually look forward to it & love it when it happens ‘cos it means that fat’s getting incinerated. A bit of no or low cal gum will knock it on the head though, if you’re really bothered by it.

    Headaches may be due to dehydration, up your water intake and see if that helps.

    I get the metallic taste in my mouth every fast day usually starts around 11am. I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue 4 or more times a day during fasting. It helps but never seems to last very long. I’m not sure why I get a fuzzy feeling tongue though.

    I don’t chew sugarless gums as most use some type of artificial sweetener that gives the body an insulin spike as if it had received sugar.

    Thank you TracyJ and QuietOne.
    At least I know that I am doing something right if I am burning fat!
    About the headaches – I drink 2 litres of water most days already by 2pm and the rest is a bonus of course. It is just me that is prone to headaches and migraines.
    I was flagging a bit this PM and had a red bull Zero. I know it is bit great both on caffeine and sweetners, but it helped with the headache and gave me done energy. The metallic taste is not gone though…

    I meant, I guess it is NOT great… I wish I could edit posts!!!
    Predictive text on the phone does not help

    It sucks to have a metallic taste and most dentists don’t care fixing the issue.

    I have that taste ALL the time, I have silent reflux and no matter my diet it’s always there! Wish it was just on fast days. I never had that when I was previously fasting though. I used to eat sugar free mints on fast days, never stopped my weight loss. We don’t all react to that insulin spike from sugar free in the same way when it comes to weight loss. If you need that drink have it. You have to adapt to what gets you through it.
    Good luck on your journey.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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