Maxi Climber equipment: Has anyone used this fitness machine, yet?

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Maxi Climber equipment: Has anyone used this fitness machine, yet?

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  • I checked out a couple pages of topics but did not see anyone mention the maxi climber. It is a vertical exercise machine that I am looking into purchasing to up my daily fitness without risking bad weather, knees, and car fumes. My husband and I both do 5:2 and are so impressed with the experience. We do need to up our game regarding exercise.
    In nice weather we do like to go out for walks and I swim in the port from May to October.
    This equipment looks viable and is low impact on the joints. I hoped to find some fellow 5:2 ers who have latched onto this mode of moving and keeping the brain, joints and mood flexible

    Yes, I have used it. Didn’t buy it for myself, but my brother has one now.
    We did some research before buying it to make sure it’s good for him. And I posted what we found on my blog:

    Basically, it’s a really good piece of equipment if you want to stay fit and workout at home. It’s helpful for cardio mostly, but not to build muscles.

    I’m not a big climber (tried it out a couple of times), but from what I understand you would need something with resistance to help you get better at climbing. The Maxi Climber doesn’t have any resistance so it might not be good for you.
    Instead I would recommend the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper (I listed it in alternatives in my post). It comes with resistance cylinders which can be adjusted.
    The price tag is a bit lower than on the Maxi Climber and I think it might be what you need.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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