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  • Hi All,
    I’m very new to the fast diet, in fact I only started today. I was wondering if anyone had experience of training for a marathon while on the fast diet. I’ve ran marathons before but never trained for one while fasting 2 or 3 times a week. I’m in the middle of training for one at the end of September. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on their experiences if they have done so, or even if it’s not a full marathon distance but some kind of endurance/long distance running event.

    Well I’m not training for a marathon so I’m not sure how many days a week you would train, I’m currently running 5/8k 3 or 4 times a week and also fasting, I find that I run on my Fast Mornings, eg, Sunday is a normal day so I run on Monday morning after my first cup of black coffee and a glass of water, then Tuesday is a normal day so I rest, Weds again a fast day so I run in the morning. Thurs a normal day so I run again on Friday morning which is a fast day, I do my long run on Saturdays and rest from it all on Sundays!! I hope this helps. Its really mind over matter. I do however have a piece of fruit right after my run. I do the fast at the moment 3 times a week, am going to cut it back to twice a week shortly as I am just 8lb away from my goal! I would imagine though two weeks or so before your marathon that you would not fast on any days but eat little and often, and use foods high in GI etc on those few weeks. There is an excellent book Fitness on a plate which would help choose the best foods for your exercise

    Thanks AnnetteK. Info very useful. I’ve more or less been doing what you’ve been doing. Running early morning on fast days (I figured this would be better having eaten well the day before) I’m actually doing every other day fasting at the moment. I’m hoping to lose at least 7-8 lbs before my training mileage gets really high, as at that point I’d like to be fasting only 2 days a week, with only another 7 lbs to go. It seems to be working very well at the moment. I’ll check that book out, thanks again 🙂

    Hi There,

    I’ve just started the Fast Beach Diet and completed my first week, All going well so far! Im starting marathon training this week after 3 months off running due to injury, (not running related injury) But back running now and all is well:-)

    Would like to know how you got on with the Fast Diet and training? I fast 4.3 to boost my weight loss I only want to lose 14lbs then plan to do 5.2 to maintain.

    Best of luck with you’re running

    I will begin fasting tomorrow. I did one full marathon recently and two have during this year. I will begin training for a half of marathon that will occur the last week of August. My goal is 1:50. I weight 188 at the present moment and will loose 20 pounds in the next 6 months. I will train 4 times a week for running and 2 times a week for exercising my core. I recently viewed the BBC report in French and I was sure that this method is for me. I am sure that this blog for running with your comments of everyone will help. I am thrilled about beginning the new way of eating. Sorry about my English I am French that live in Canada.

    I wish to everybody to reach your goal.


    Hi shambala,

    Have you done the fast diet before? 20ib is a really wow target? I’m hoping to lose 14ibs at lest in 6weeks.

    Hope your training goes well.


    No I never done the fast diet before. But I am sure that the fast diet combine to eating healthy most of the time and running I will get my goal. I do not remember when I weigth 168. lol.

    Yesterday my first day of fasting. Went great and eat my 600 calories and drink a lot of water. I think that going at work helped a lot. One problem I have is a love MC Donald and when I am too hungry I am program or being very weak and stop at Mc donnald and eat two big sandwiches.

    The source of my problem is to be able to deal with the hungry sensation..that when it reached a level it is like I am possessed. I do not have any bad thing at home to eat so it is not so bad.

    Now I will learn how to deal with this sensation and be able to just drink water when I will be hungry. I know how to eat well and what to eat.

    Just do not know exactly what will be the effect on my running training.

    My weight this morning was 186.5

    I will run 30 minutes each day until Monday that I will start officially my half of marathon.

    Today I am at 183.8 . lost 3.2 pounds and ordered a scale that will provide me my % of fat. I respected my 600 calories and drank lots of water and green tea. Fasting during my work day helped me to keep my attention to another things. Now even that I am very hungry I past in front of MC Donnald without any envie to stop. That is a little win for me. I do not know exactly when but I will reach my goal to weight 168.

    I wish you all to reach your goal.

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