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  • Day 1 USA/HI NFD
    Day 2 FD800
    I join all here in your 5:2 support group with prayers for you and all your family. Even though we’ve never met in person, it feels like you are a dear and treasured friend. I am so sorry for all you must be experiencing with the unexpected loss of your father.

    I am another one signing in late! Almost 7pm here with Day 2 accidentally becoming a FD800. After a busy morning with only coffee and water, I rushed off for some self care … pedicure/manicure followed by acupuncture. Now back home and had a mug of soup and even if I decide on a salad, total calories will be under 800.

    As of yesterday, DH was admitted to the at home support care with Hospice. It’s been very busy with nurses, social worker, caregiver aid, chaplain, PT and OT arriving yesterday and today. Plus medications, wheelchair and shower chair all delivered to our front door. The Hospice program really knows how to make things fall into place quickly. This is a special support program for 90 days, not traditional Hospice. Hopefully he will get stronger with the support and sign off the program.
    Wishing everyone a great day or evening around the globe.

    Day 3, Germany, NFD

    Just another short post after scanning the posts as we’re going on a long walk to watch the geese coming in, it’s such a beautiful sight.

    Yes @jaifaim, @stitchincarol, @lilymartin it’s so lovely to have friend over for a few days, after chatting and playing board games we’re all going to bed quite exhausted.

    @brightonbelle What a pity the tooth had to be extracted.

    @michelinme Welcome back!

    @lilymartin Thanks for adding new interesing words to my vocabulary, I really enjoy it.

    Time to get my walking shoes on, have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Friday morning PFDS 😃 I only managed 8000 steps, but weight’s still the same as Tuesday morning 🎯

    @snowflake – re my new place – yes! Very real. I love the house & the complex. I’ve met only very nice people there so far. I’m like a kid on Christmas Day 😅 But there’s a lot to do before I move in 🏡

    @stitchincarol – I was actually awake before 4 am the other day?! And then 5:30 am the day after. Just the sheer excitement of the new place, & thinking about what I need to do before I move in. But I’ve started making lists to try to switch my brain off, & I actually slept until after 7 am this morning. 😴

    @stitchincarol, @daffodil2010 – I don’t think I’ve ever seen ready-boiled eggs here either? I laughed at your reaction to cabbage & bacon 😅 I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of ‘Toad in the Hole’? Probably better-known in the north of England Or Bubble & Squeak?

    @stitchincarol – Two desserts?! 😱 I’m just wondering about the ‘complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation’ theory. Maybe it would’ve been easier to just deny yourself the first dessert? Just tell yourself no sugar/desserts until you reach a certain goal 🤔 It certainly works for me – so far – with my ‘no alcohol’ rule.

    @lilymartin – wow?! That was a looong day?! 😵 And wrestling with sheep every day?! Definitely no gym membership necessary for you! 🐑

    @penz – why did I move to SA? I came here in 1987. I’d been working in a casino in Manchester for barely a year. I was working 3 double-shifts per week + 2 regular ones, & was always broke; the pay was so bad. But I loved the job. And one day I saw an ad in the local paper; a new casino had opened outside Pretoria, they needed staff, & were coming to Manchester & London to interview potential recruits. And I just thought, ‘why not?’. I was in SA two months later. I never planned to stay, & I knew next-to-nothing about the country before I came here. But here I am?! I went back to the UK 3 times in the 90’s – once for a wedding, & twice to visit family. But then my parents & younger sibling moved to New Zealand in ’99. You always think of your parents’ place as home, but after they moved to NZ… I dunno, I don’t think I could live in the UK now.

    @michelinme – welcome back! 🤗

    A couple of articles from today’s UK Mail:-

    Happy Fri-yay y’all! 🍹

    Pocket List – Day 3 🥕

    Day 3 – Dorset. – NFD

    You all have such busy lives!! and so diverse.

    We are off for a night in a hotel tonight. So CD is definitely not a thing tonight and possibly tomorrow either.

    On the goodnews front, I am wearing my jeans that I can only wear when I am slimmer, so a really good friday!!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Jeans – that’s my short term goal , I have a pair I want to wear for my Rome trip in 16 days so you’ve spurred me on @dramaqueen6 💪

    The suns out – although it’s pretty cold so I’m wrapping up and off for a long walk in an effort to get back in the swing of things- I’ll have a good read of the posts this aft 👋

    Day 3 – UK Cam – FD800
    Had meant to have an FD yesterday but ended up taking a friend out for shopping and coffee trip – she’s not in good health both physically and mentally so this was a theraputic outing – and although I was very restrained at our coffee break it was still well over the 800 by bedtime. Still, we had a good laugh and spent a long time window-shopping which is one of the best ways not to spend money!

    Today is definitely an FD800 – tried to work on the plot but the sleety drizzle at 3C drove me back indoors. Instead I will be working on making a (sewn) book/journal cover for a birthday gift. Friend is going off on long travels and was talking of starting a journal to record her adventures – thought it might be a nice gift. Foodwise today so far, so good – as I am indoors for the rest of the day I need to keep away from the kitchen apart from dishing up supper, which is in the slowcooker – chicken and veg casserole. DH is feeling positive after visiting specialist yesterday but taking loads of meds for chest infection and just resting.

    @lilymartin – love the new words each day! Where do you find them? I would love to use today’s word in my next article, will try to find a suitable place to slide it in!

    @brightonbelle – yes! jeans are my goal too – I want to buy a new pair that actually fit 🙂

    Pocketlist Day 3
    @gardenlily FD800

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 150.0 – 1min plank ✅

    The last time I was 150-point-anything was in early February, so I was SO pleased to see this number. Have I found the necessary combination for me to feel not-deprived and my body to agree to let go of pounds? 🤞🏼

    So, again, I pledge to all of you: not a bite into my mouth until 1:30 when I’ll have some sort of protein (probably eggs or the last avocado). Again nothing until 3:30 when I have an orange, probably–that part I don’t pledge. Then dinner.

    I’m numb with shock and thrilled to giggles–both–at the sudden movement of weight loss. Not eating until 1:30 and then only eating protein is a small price to pay for success!

    @ccco Ahh, you’re bemoaning only 2lbs lost in February, but I lost nothing, so it’s all perspective. 🤣😉

    @brightonbelle An extraction?? Not even a crown?? I suppose the root was so infected and that’s why? You poor thing!! Hopefully it’s all FAR improved shortly! Are you seeing the no food yesterday as a silver lining?

    @michelinme So glad to see you back, and too fun that I posted right when you ALMOST got here, LOL! Your time away at the monastery sounds glorious, and your plan for March sounds perfect. So glad to have you back!

    @lilymartin My goodness, but you have STAMINA!! Those are long days you’re describing and I’m in awe. I hope you get some rest time this weekend! And I was thinking the same thing about how unnecessary a gym is in your world, LOL! And SLUBBERDEGULLION??? Wherever did you find that word? Priceless!!

    @malee57 Well done you for getting in your swims! And I smiled that you zoom on Friday nights with your sisters; my sisters and I zoom on Friday mornings, and have since May 2020–one of the lovely outcomes of Covid being that we all learned about the use of Zoom! ❤️

    @maui Well done on the accidental FD yesterday even while getting some important self-care for yourself. And I can imagine what a whirlwind your home has been with all the people/equipment.

    @northgeorgia I read lots of British novels, so do indeed know of Toad in the Hole and Bubble and Squeak, although I’ve not had them. But Nagi from RecipeTin Eats just put out a Toad in the Hole recipe that I’m planning to make at some point! As to two desserts and the question of denying them, I’ve certainly considered that, regularly and seriously. But having given up alcohol for Lent, it feels too hard a push to give up sugar as well, all while not eating until 1:30. And I have to say: I truly usually skip dessert, or have only a small bit, but the dessert I had two of was Scotcheroos. Know them? It’s Rice Krispies Treats with peanut butter in them (making them much denser), and a chocolate ganache of some sort on top. HEAVENLY and beyond my power to resist.

    @dramaqueen6 How lovely that your slim jeans fit now!!!

    @lilygarden Enjoy your sewing day!

    @northgeorgia I’m thinking of you and your family, and praying for comfort and peace. Your mom must be absolutely devastated. How long were they married?

    After all the commotion of what to say to our dinner guests tonight, they had to cancel yesterday because she’s quite sick with a sinus infection. So I called other friends and said, “I’m so disappointed they’re not coming because I was looking forward to cooking, so, please!! Let me cook for you!” And they’re coming. The menu is slightly different (long story) but even simpler than the original, and these are such close friends that there’s no worrying about that we’re not drinking, LOL, and I’ll tell them when they get here and ask. It will be a lovely evening.

    So now I need to go make dessert (while my will power to resist nibbling is strongest) and do other things to start preparations. Should be an absolutely lovely day, with even the weather cooperating with sunshine and relative warmth of 50F/10C.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    USA Day 3. FD800

    You are right Stitchincarol! I shouldn’t complain ab out a 2 lb. loss but I was trying to set a higher bar. Maybe it will work this month!

    Gardenlily, I am amused by your email this morning. Believe it or not, it came to me 10 times! LOL. It also won’t let me delete it! Very strange! I see, though, it appears only once in our posts.

    Pocketlist Day 3
    @gardenlily FD800

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I understand how you feel. New Zealand is quite a distance from South Africa but I hope you have come to love where you live now.

    Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂

    Day 3 USA/HI NFD
    Weigh-in this morning still at 159 lb . I seem to be be stuck at 159 but I am ok with it. So so happy to be out of the 160’s!
    Speech Therapist coming this morning and then I am off to fill in at the art gallery this morning. DS53 is still here and ok with watching his dad while I work today. I do enjoy going to work as it gives me many interesting conversations with delightful people from many places…. all enjoying the art. Very much like this wonderful group! That said, I must get up and prepare for the day. I enjoyed everyone’s posts. My goal is to get my brain calm and focused enough to make more direct comments. Right now it’s very hard to focus and keep everything straight but I do feel such great energy from everyone here. Thank you!!

    Day 3 – UK – TDEE

    Managed to stick to my TDEE today ✅ had been hoping for a CD yesterday but an unexpected lunch out with DD due to a dog walk cancellation put paid to that idea but at least I stuck to my TDEE so a win1

    @stitchincarol – My step counter on my phone says I averaged 7,627 steps/day in February and so far this month I’m at 9,792 steps/day for March but I do a fair bit of hill walking too

    Lovely hike with my regular walking group this morning followed by an afternoon of shopping, stocking up the cupboards and fridge then a baking session – blackcurrant flapjack for OH and a banana bread for a girl’s coffee morning tomorrow

    Dinner was spelt pasta with a crab sauce 😋

    Just seemed to have been on the go all day so now sitting down with a cup of tea relaxing at last and the kitchen door is firmly closed whilst I catch up here.

    @merryapple – lovely to see your name popping up once more – I was absent most of February so missed your reappearance then x
    @excelsior12309 – I too lurked most of last month after an initial post but trying to post daily this month for motivation and focus – nice to have you back on a regular basis this month too x
    @stitchsmith – welcome on board too – I see you actually started in February sometime – I was absent most of February so missed your appearance then x
    @brightonbelle – tooth extraction….😫 I do hope it heals well and you feel better soon
    @stitchincarol – I too have given up Wine/alcohol forLent and it’s going well so far🤞this will be my 2nd weekend wine free – that’s the testing time for me as I have the habit of opening a bottle on Friday night and drinking it over the weekend with my meals – it’s my treat of the week (for those who are unaware OH does not drink alcohol!)

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 4 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was not. I did not go overboard too much, and I mostly stuck to fruit and vegies. But cheese and bikkies at 11pm is not usually recommended as a way to finish the day. Today is a new day and I will try not to eat until at least midday. I am feeling like I have lost my mojo a bit so am posting to try to stay accountable.

    @at you’re getting lots of walking in. Walking always makes me feel good. And walking in nature is like a magic pill some days. Currently I have plantar fasciitis which means I can’t walk as much as I would like to. But there are other forms of exercise that I enjoy too.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day4 NFD Auckland

    Have just caught up reading everyone’s posts. It’s like reading a form of contemporary writing with multiple strands of thought in time lapse. If you keep reading it all falls into place and makes sense. Very interesting!!!
    Am super busy with the Auckland Art Fair and have a gallery conversation for DH this afternoon. I took Macintosh for a bike ride yesterday then walked into the city for a book launch and was invited out to dinner (cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach in a creamy tomato sauce). I’m feeling rather full this morning and am due to go out to dinner tonight. Not the perfect start to the month but delicious!

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Just a quick post as it has been a particularly busy day.

    Bobbing up again it seems… ⚖️ .

    Thinking of you @northgeorgia💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 3 USA/HI
    Second post
    Just could not wait to share the good news. I decided to give the scales a second chance to capture my heart later this morning. As if by magic there it was.. 158 lbs!
    When 157 shows up I will be celebrating a 20lb loss since rejoining the group Oct.1, 2022.
    Thanks team! You provided the support to make this happen.

    USA. Day 3

    Maui, that celebration will be wonderful! I envy your 20 lb. loss. Congratulations!

    The best I can see for today is that I kept within my allotted calorie amount for the day. I hope very much to see some good results by next Friday. Right now I seem to be losing and gaining back and then losing again the same few pounds. I have got to break that pattern.

    For those of you who are still awake, I hope you had a wonderful day!

    @malee57 I developed fasciitis in the arch’s of my feet thanks to very hard arch supports in a pair of walking shoes that I took on an OE trip… I now have to take all the insoles out of sports shoes and only wear shoes with completely flat inners like Church’s. Very annoying so I feel for you… I hope you find a solution that works.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Super quick post for accountability! Look forward to catching up with posts tomorrow

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Ah some time to catch up… it has been a busy week with two evenings out and busy work and I’ve realised exercise has slipped. I must get back into the habit from next week.

    @stitchincarol yes we are at an advanced stage of care now with mum but we have managed to keep her at home and will do so for as long as we can cope and it’s best for her… Unfortunately, even with the best carers in the world, there will come a time when this will have to change but we will deal with that day when it comes. We are prepared for it though.
    Just read your update on dinner!! Things have a way of working out don’t they 😂😂
    Good on you with the planks! And getting to 150 👏

    @maui good for you too with another drop… I will join you in the 150s but it’s proving to be a little annoying with my weight bobbing around the low 160s

    @michelinme where is the monastery you stayed at! It sounds fabulous.

    @lilymartin thanks for the recommendation I must look out for November. My friend lives very close to the Charlie offices and knew one of the people killed that day… what an awful attack on liberté 😢 . I watch a lot of french film and TV so any recommendations are really welcome ✨

    Anything with Omar Sy in it is great and Les Intouchables is one of my favourites ever…

    You are having busy days there! And it’s super hot now isn’t it?

    I love new words so will be trying to bring these new ones into conversation 😂 slubberdegullion is particularly good!

    @snowflake56 we have Brent geese who come visit here, I wonder which geese come to you?

    Again as i talk about geese I wonder about the eagles and ospreys we all watched last year and I wonder how @i-hate-lettuce is doing?

    @funshipfreddie – sounds so exciting for you 🏡⭐️.
    Very interesting also to hear how you ended up in SA! What age were you then? My move to France was a similar story except I knew the county well. I was very young but with lots of family here I came back after 15+ years. It’s true what you say about “home”. I’ve been thinking about this lots as things progress with mum.

    Super work @dramaqueen6 👏 I hope you enjoyed your night away!

    I have a party next week and have been toying with wearing something that I haven’t worn in over 20 years (pre steroid and medication). I’m nearly there…. But with the bobbing of weight I’m not sure I’ll get there… we will see… I need real focus now…. I have a holiday at the end of April with a group of friends and that is my current swimsuit goal 👙 . @brightonbelle I think you are in the same boat?

    @gardenlily – I’m sure your friend feels blessed to have you 💕

    @ccco have the faith! This is our month 🤩

    @at – so great to have you back and to hear about the lovely Lake District – I had missed your posts.

    @daffodil2010 have a fabulous time in Malta. So much to see and do while you are there… Mdina (the silent city) is a personal favourite and we managed to say within the walls one year… just magical. But if you can – get out to Gozo and walk some of the coastal path. Look out for the restaurant called the Country Terrace in Mgarr. Great food and stunning setting. Comino also is beautiful – but there isn’t much on the island.. still I love it because of that.

    @merryapple – oh no re: your feet – it seems very common in women of 50+.. lots of talk these days by physios about barefoot walking helping but I don’t suffer from it… my sister was in real pain with it and then started on HRT and it has helped.

    Right better go… off out for the first big cycle of the year – wish me luck – it’s been a while 😬

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    More frustration & a wasted afternoon yesterday, trying to sort out the electricity account for the new place. That was the second place I’ve been to this week. But at least I’ve found out what the problem is. Long story short, the two sisters I bought the house from left the account in their late father’s name. I don’t really know why that’s such a big deal, but anyway; I have to go to yet another office on Monday. Maybe it’ll be third time lucky.. 🤯

    It wasn’t a totally wasted day though. I went to my storage unit in the morning. It was odd seeing my forlorn furniture etc still sitting there after 7 months. I fished out a ladder, a couple of fold-up chairs & DIY stuff so I can make a start on the painting next week.

    @stitchincarol – Sounds like a plan? It’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference the shorter eating window & no alcohol makes this month 🎯

    @maui – 158?!! Way to go! 🥳️ 🎉

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌤 🌈

    Day 4 – UK Cam NFD
    Yesterday’s 800 FD went off the rails after dinner – ‘nibblitus’ struck after DH went to bed early and I was knocking about with nothing much to do … Today’s plans have just been turned upside down so dashing off to take DGD out for the morning and lunch somewhere (Pizza??) so will catch up with everyone tomorrow when I settle back into routine and, hopefully, a 800FD to go B2B on Monday.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Not a great start to March but not disastrous either, and now is the time to pay attention with a wonderful 27 days left!

    I’m SO tired after this full on week post retreat, but have made it to Saturday and a sort-off day off, dragging myself through chores this morning. I’ve noticed my eating mindfully, sleeping well, drinking water etc all slipped as I got more tired and my week felt really squished from Monday onwards!SOme of it was unfortunate timing and post-break concertina, but I’m going to plan diary things differently, look at balance and boundaries and start to think about what I can drop for a healthier, more sustainable life. Sometimes eating is about circumstances as much as it is intention.

    Today’s goal – get bread baked and papers/laptop packed up for community lunch/meeting, write my parts for the church service, wash my hair and get to bed as early as possible – 7pm and 12 hours sounds great to me!

    @jaifaim I stayed at the lovely

    Wishing you all a good weekend, whatever shape it is x

    USA. Day 4. FD

    Yesterday wasn’t too bad! Today I am going out to lunch with my grandson but I think I can keep it under control.

    Yes, Jaifaim! March will be our month! I will keep the faith! 🙂

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 152.6 – 1min plank ✅

    Well, the 150.0 of yesterday morning was fleeting, but despite numerous temptations, I stuck to my pledge and didn’t eat until 1:30, and then ate nothing extra until 4:30 as I was cooking dinner. Dinner was lovely, our friends were a joy to see and we laughed the whole evening, and I am so glad we could get together.

    Here’s the strange thing: I have a pounding headache. If I’d had wine last night, I’d be sure this headache and slight nausea was because “I clearly drank too much last night!” Huh! Since I can’t blame the wine, what’s given me such a headache, that’s just like many other headaches after a lovely dinner party? Is it simply too much food? I often cook a meal like that for DH and myself, so it’s not the style of the food, but I never–for just the two of us–have an appetizer, main course, and dessert. I can’t honestly say I’m glad I have a headache, but a small part of me is glad, just so that I can realize I didn’t need to blame the wine all those other times. Perhaps some of them, but not all! 😂🤣 Any words of wisdom from you all as to the cause??

    Oh, and on the subject of us not drinking and our guests drinking: I didn’t tell them ahead of time because why would I; when they got here and found out, they were interested and asked questions about how often we do that even as they shrugged and happily enjoyed their wine, and I enjoyed a blissful sniff of the wine from her glass, at which we all laughed. There was nothing weird or uncomfortable because they are that good of friends. That’s probably the root of why I was worried about the other couple, because we’re not nearly as close to them, and because I’m certain it wouldn’t have been that easy and comfortable.

    @ccco I certainly understand your impatience for progress to happen faster, but being kind to yourself is–I think–part of not getting discouraged and falling off the wagon. Maybe? At any rate, 2lbs is 2lbs! 😉👍💪🏻💐

    @maui I truly feel it’s nothing short of miraculous that you’re still at 159–rather than gaining–and that you’re able to focus on limiting your calories; well, well done! How long will DS53 be able to stay? Is he the other-island son, or the states-side son?

    @at Oh, YUM: spelt pasta with crab sauce??? Do you have a link for that? YUM. I’m always envious of your walking, and yet, even when weather would allow me, I don’t do it…I’m working on finding the motivation, rather than merely empty envy. How tough was it not to have wine on Friday night?

    @malee57 Aww, plantar fasciitis is awful; we had a big conversation about that a year or more ago when @daffodil2010 had it; many of us are familiar with its pain. As to your minimal mojo, something I find useful to to promise/pledge what I will and won’t do. Don’t go over board with extravagant promises/pledges, but how about if you promise us you won’t eat after __pm tonight? Just one night. Think that might help?

    @merryapple Your Friday sounds absolutely divine! How was Saturday night’s dinner?

    @maui Oh, YAY!!!!! 158 is a stellar accomplishment!!! 💪🏻❤️👍✅

    @jaifaim You are not all that far behind me, so we can track each other’s progress toward the next “decade” of weight. ❤️👍💪🏻✅ (I’m channeling @linda.b whom I miss, and I’m sure everyone else does!)

    @funshipfreddie Okay, I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. Is the house completely yours, escrow is closed, and you have the keys??? When you made your comment a few days ago, I thought you were simply getting close, not that it was complete. Either way, I’m sure you’re excited!

    @gardenlily Aww, sorry about your “nibbilitus” striking yesterday. Always frustrating when we have such good intentions, and lose our focus and our RESOLVE. Have fun with your DGD!

    @michelinme Truer words were never spoken: “Sometimes eating is about circumstances as much as it is intention.” And I’m fascinated that you have parts to write for the church service; how come? What parts? Enjoy your quietish day today!

    <<Okay, I just emerged from a rabbit hole of exploring the website, and ending up at the website of the artwork of Mike Moyers, whose art graces the sermon for the 1st Sunday in Lent. His stuff is gorgeous.>>

    Okay, time to start my day in earnest. Once again, I pledge not to eat until 1:30 when I’ll have two eggs, and then I won’t eat again until at least 3:30 when I don’t know what I’ll eat, LOL. And an extra pledge today: IF I have any of last night’s dessert (pecan pie bars) I will only have half of one. I PROMISE.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 4 Second Post

    @northgeorgia I’m thinking of you and your family, praying for you, and wondering if the funeral was yesterday, or perhaps today. Virtual hugs to you all.

    Day 4 – UK – TDEE

    Quick check in for accountability – busy but good fun day with friends

    Day 5 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    I had a good day yesterday (though not eating wise). I had a lovely sleep and have been up for several hours and done most of my housework and made another batch of soap. I have not made any soap for a few years, so I am enjoying doing it again. I make it for myself and for friends and relatives to use.

    Today my sister is coming over. She will move into the bungalow (a granny flat) in my back yard while she is looking for a new place to live. I think this will be fun for both of us as we both like living alone so this way we get our privacy but can also enjoy each other’s company.

    @northgeorgia thinking of you and your family.

    Day 4 Second Post

    I’m so pleased. I didn’t eat until 1:40 (forgot to notice it was 1:30 LOL), and ate only one egg. Was gone doing stuff until 4:00 when I decided to go ahead and eat supper. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I’ve learned that if I eat a hearty meal early, before I’m hugely hungry, I fill up faster and am content not to eat later (or at least it often happens that way). So I had a big bowl of soup, two pieces of bread with butter (therein lay the bulk of my calorie🤷🏻‍♀️) and called it good. And then I started dreaming of dessert. I gave in and had a fourth of a piece (they were already cut, so honesty was unavoidable).


    I lasted until 5:50 when I had another fourth (bringing me up to the half I promised was all I’d eat), and focused on how my stomach felt over the next fifteen minutes.

    It only took five and I knew I wanted no more. I was ever so slightly nauseous and was done. (It’s good but is RICH.)

    And I haven’t had a thing since. YAY! Success on this day!

    I won’t likely post tomorrow because it’s a busy one with a baby shower in the afternoon, so I wanted to share tonight while my enthusiasm was making me smug! 😉💪🏻😇👍😂

    I wish for you all an equally joyful and successful day!

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @jaifaim – I was 25 when I came to South Africa. So 35 & a half years ago.

    @stitchincarol – well done on the PNFDS & only half a dessert! 💪 Re the house, yes – the deeds were registered last Monday & I got the keys the same day. I don’t plan on moving in until late April though. I want to paint the rooms first & have some work done on the kitchen & bathrooms.

    @gardenlily – such a pity to throw the towel in on a FD after dinner?! I mean, by dinner time I’d be thinking that’s it, it’s in the bag. I’m not criticising, just wondering what your mindset was that would lead you to do that? If I really had to munch on something after dinner on a FD, I’d probably go for a raw carrot or a piece of fruit & try to remain within the calorie allowance; or maybe just have an early night 🤔

    The Ironman African Championship is taking place in my town today. They’ve been setting everything up for the last 3 weeks & have taken over the entire seafront. There are over 2000 athletes from 52 countries taking part. I hope it’s a success, but I can’t wait to wave them all goodbye 😅 Come to think of it, I’m surprised they’re still allowed to call it ‘Ironman’. This time next year they’ll probably have renamed it ‘Iron -70+genders – tournament ⚧️

    An article from the BBC about the absolute minimum exercise we should be aiming for:-

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍎

    Day 5 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    @northgeorgia – thinking of you 💕

    Thanks @stitchincarol! I’m definitely getting into the 150s so might see you there although…. You may be through to the next decade by then.

    Keeping the faith @ccco!! ✨ I’ve been feeling so rubbish recently that exercise and diet is the only thing I can really control at the moment so… I’m focussed… won’t always have good days but the intention is there. ✨

    @malee57 that sounds like the perfect setup for you and your sister. Your day making soap sounds lovely – it must be great to get back to something you love doing.

    @michelinme what a lovely place to just “be”. I’m inspired to try find something for me here along those lines.

    @merryapple can I just say how much respect and admiration i have for you following on your DHs exhibitions and conversations.. it must be a very difficult time for you although how fabulous to be able to celebrate his incredible work. 💕

    Lovely to see you @at and glad you had a fun day! I’m
    Off for a good hike now with a good friend. Coffee but no cake will be had 🤩

    Oh @gardenlily – the dreaded nibbilitis- great word! Do you know “itis” at the end of a word generally means inflammation so an “inflammation of nibbles 😂😂😂 “ yep I know the feeling but last thing at night is the worst… so near…

    Happy FD @funshipfreddie! That was young! Mind you you – the best time to make life changing decisions… less fear and procrastination 😂

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Hello wonderful fasters! We flew home from our Caribbean Guadeloupe vacay yesterday, and it was almost a comedy of errors. We got lost driving our rental car and onto roads that took us far away from the airport. Actually drove for about an hour before we finally got to the right terminal. They nearly had to hold the plane for us to get through security and on, and EVER SO GRATEFUL for Air Antilles for helping us. We feared we would miss our flight back to Chicago from Puerto Rico, but made it.

    The best news is that with all of our walking, etc. I was down .2 pounds for the week! That was even with a big hotel breakfast each day (including wonderful croissants) and other great meals. Yes, we ought to do that more often!

    @funshipfreddie – so fun to hear how you ended up in SA. Life does give us adventures, doesn’t it?

    @stitchincarol – your cooking for friends sounds so fun!

    I have so much to do here in the next days and weeks, I likely won’t be on much. Sorting travel items, mail, laundry, tree limbs (we left right after a huge ice storm that took down lots of branches – will have to call tree cutting experts). Then there is our Choral Society work and Children’s Museum. Just know that I think you’re all wonderful.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 country west Australia NFD
    My goodness but the days are flying by!
    Shearing is such a busy time of year with a lot of sheep work to do.
    So I may be MIA over newt few days but will try to ‘host post’ for accountability.

    Day 4 word – snirtle – (almost the opposite of cachinnate): snirtle – to try to stifle a laugh; make a noise through the nose trying to stifle a laugh or a giggle.
    @songbirdme, glad you arrived back home safely. It sounds like a close call! 😅
    @jaifaim – hope the first cycle of the year went well. I think trying to control exercise and diet are very sensible things to control, especially for good health. It is always a hard time when looking after parents needing care. Thinking of you. I am sorry to hear that you knew one of those who died in the Paris terrorist attacks. How awful for you. 😢
    @funshipfreddie – thank you for the 2 article , both well worth a read. I agree that health is a very good reason to think about one’s diet rather than simply for doing weight. Though weighing less often helps improve one’s health! 🤔
    @stitchincarol, well done on only having half a dessert. Restraint certainly helps !!👏
    Restricting your eating time frame seems to be working so I would stay with that for now.
    @malee57 – I love hand made soaps and it sounds like a lot of fun to be getting back to an activity you enjoy.
    Having your sister close could be fun. I enjoyed living ‘ relatively’ close to my sister ( 25 kms away !!) and catching up and doing things together was such fun. However she has now gone to live in another part of the state. 😔
    We will help you find your lost mojo. It can’t have gone too far away…..

    @ccco, your showing up here and being accountable will help Make March Your/Our Month. I am sure of it! 👍
    @michelinme, balance and boundaries are SO important for a healthy life balance.😇 And accountability is so helpfull. Just ‘showing up’ counts!
    @gardenlily, I love the ‘ nibbilitis’. Such a great descriptive word!! 😊
    @maui, wow! 158 lbs is fabuloso !!👏💐😇
    @merryapple – the Art Exhibition sounds great. What is/ was the convention for your DH ? The cannelloni sounds o delicious..😋
    @at, apart from your spreadsheet expertise we are so glad to have you back, along with @excelsior12309, together we are stronger😊
    Today’s word : bodacious: excellent, noteworthy, attractive
    Off for some sleep before a 5.30 am start!!

    USA. Day 5. FS

    Just spent a very physical weekend with my little grandson. I am exhausted, not to mention a bit of arthritic pain, but I believe I probably burnt off a few necessary calories!!

    I have read everyone’s posts, even though I can’t always respond to everyone. Despite, I truly thank you all for responding to my few frustrated posts. I need that. Last year was a very stressful year. I started out with my brother passing away suddenly, moved on to my getting Covid at this funeral, tossing 14 lbs. (which I certainly didn’t regret!), and then finally giving in to all that stress, putting back on those 14 lbs. (and then some), from finally succumbing to all that stress! I feel like I am starting all over again!! Anyway, I will manage and persevere!

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂

    Day 6 Melbourne, Australia FD

    I’ll make a big salad this morning to help me stick to my FD. I usually am not hungry in the morning so will probably not eat until very late in the morning. Which will hopefully help me through a successful FD.

    Have a good day all.

    Day 5 – UK – NFD

    A very enjoyable family Sunday….so ready for a FD tomorrow 🤣

    Day6 FD up700gm…

    @lilymartin The second dinner was v modern – small delicious sharing plates of interesting food combinations like smoked carrot with cashews, capers and potato chips, fresh zucchini with pea and balsamic mousse… My downfall however was dinner last night, a much more prosaic bangers and mash. My girlfriend brought ice cream and a big slab of Whittaker’s dark chocolate filled with salted caramel and we ate 90% of it… she is tall and willowy and doesn’t quite understand temptation… and I can’t resist it.
    @at Greetings to you too!!
    @ Jaifaim I interpreted your name as sounding Caribbean!!
    The weekend went really well, thank you. About 30 people from all sorts of backgrounds came to the gallery and the dealer, the academic and the storyteller (me) spoke. The exhibition was called Divine Proportion (which is aka the Golden Ratio) and all the works used the scale and/or concept of the GR (1:1618 ) and were a combination of yellow, white and black.
    @michelinme I sorry to hear you have long COVID. I hope you are well supported and are quietly improving.

    Onward and downward… and that means me🙂

    Day 6 Pocket List

    Day 6, FD, Aus

    I love the words, @lilymartin. One of my favourites is tintinnabulation (which means a loud ringing bell sound). Slubberdegullion could not possibly mean anything other than a worthless slovenly person – I love it when a word sounds like what it means (like onomatopoeia; but not quite on point!) . I think I snirtled at yesterday’s word.

    Thanks @funshipfreddie. Not sure why but I had thought you a more recent import into South Africa. You’ve been there for decades! No wonder it feels like home now.

    Yay for you @dramaqueen6. A pair of jeans is never wrong!

    Super news @maui; you’re doing everything right.

    Glad your dinner plans worked out @stitchincarol. No idea why you ended up with a headache, except maybe you slept badly and crooked your neck? Keep those pledges going!

    “nibblitus”! Another great word, but not great action for after dinner, @gardenlily.

    here’s to a good week, everyone

    Day 6 country west Australia NFD
    today is a holiday here in the west for ?? Labour Day?? ( not entirely sure) so I was going back through some of my posts from previous years.
    I came across this one from Feb 2022…..

    ‘I was idly looking through my older posts and came across this one from December 2020 when I obviously didn’t have much to do!!!
    “I think Cinque; Neilithicman; Purple Veggie Eater and a few others are on the Southern Hemispherites site.
    Others that I can recall ( after re-reading old posts )
    amandah; anzac65; anna6; arelkade; annnursekirk; allsmiles; and…exhale; Amazon; anna; annypanny;
    belfastsink; betsylee; babs_b; brightonbelle; beththenew; bert1802; Blueinjamum; bigviking; bigbooty; B2tf; bellyblast; believeit; big_bill; biddiev;
    cateaus; ccco; Ciren2; Coda; cboz; cleo120; cinque; Cheshire;
    daffodil2010; ding ping; diver dog; ducks_d; Debster251; Debbie; Diggly; dwellers; diana123;dykask
    Eternally Grateful;
    Fuvvie; fastveg; flour baby; fat rabbit; fatveganchickslims; fat fingers; funshipfreddie; fasting_me;
    granny2ten; gretta;
    Hannahwatto; Happy Now;
    Johnnyr; jojo58; jarbia; just Julie; jai faim; jess your size;
    krisnia; keelseel; kay wester man; kt caroline; krishna;
    lola 907; lynned; lorky 35; louis 05; lindasue; Lael; Laddie; la grande bouffe; lew; lany 36; leggit; Lynz M; Loubelles; luimat; lynzm; Lard; Larry NYC; lizzy Agatha;
    mjrbcd44; miraclelon; msraven; mari 84; miss j 2002; mimigogirl; mama cat; mama tales; molij; metatauta; minke; melanta; Merry Me; Mia 139; m flood; michelinme; merry apple; missy bear; mamajama; matpi; moukinator;
    North rancher; Northern Dawn ; Now Voyager
    okeydokey; orpheusx; onahealthyhigh;
    pamelav; pamie; pashaw; pissupoosa ( love that handle!) ; Pamela; prina39; paulmarsh; puzzlelover;
    quebecoise ; queenbee20280;
    Richard67; Reid; Rocy65; rainbowsmile; rainbowbrite30; rara0292; raderz; rafiki44; rabette; redrockgirl302;
    southcroydenkate; saffy420; Sanj; strawberriesandcream; stevetoontaxidriver; simcoeluv; snowflake56;
    shiny thing; symba 7; sirisan; sherbet; simmogirl; stardust dream; skinnyminny57; sparkly shoes; schatziii;
    therealwil78; treasure quilt; Trephena; taraga; tsubaki;
    Wendy3; Why; Well rounded; winsomewaif;
    yoyofletch. “”
    So if any of you lovely people are out there lurking or reading we would love to hear from you and hear how you are going.
    Please feel free to just drop in and say’ hi’. 🙏’

    The same sentiments apply a year on.
    Would love to hear how you are going in 2023.

    @penz, tintinnabulation is a great word isn’t it?? You can hear the bells ringing as you say it.
    Actually onomatopoeia is also a great word – not sure if they even teach these things in English these days!

    Word of the day for today
    Liripoop : the tail on the hood of an academic gown. Who knew ??!!!
    Onward and downward.🤗

    @penz – we musicians LOVE tintinnabulation so much! In “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” (Sondheim) one of the courtesans is “Tintinnabula” who of course is adorned with strings of bells on her costume.
    I played Domina in our local theater production. All the names of the characters are great! My husband was Miles Gloriosa.

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Monday morning PFDS! It’s so nice to start a week with one FD out of the way. It’s all downhill from here. I threw my back out – again?! – on Saturday morning. It’s so annoying & the pain/muscle spasms are excruciating. Nothing to be done except to give it time. And they advise you to keep moving rather than rest, to speed up the recovery. So I went out yesterday & bought 20 litres of paint (4 colours) & then took down the grotty curtain rails in the bedrooms & got a few other jobs done. Anyway, my back seems to be on the mend; it took me only 2 minutes to get out of bed this morning, as opposed to 5 minutes yesterday 😒

    @penz – yes, South Africa is home, for sure. Even when I went working on the ships I kept my base in Durban. I’d go off for 7 or 8 months, but I always came back to SA for a couple of months after each contract. I can identify with this poem, which the author dedicated to Nelson Mandela:-

    Africa smiled a little
    When you left.
    “We know you,” Africa said,
    “We have seen and watched you,
    We can learn to live without you,
    But we know we needn’t yet.”

    And Africa smiled a little
    When you left
    “You cannot leave Africa,” Africa said.
    “It is always with you,
    There inside your head.”

    And Africa smiled a little.
    “Our rivers run in currents
    In the swirl of your thumbprints;
    Our drumbeats
    Counting out your pulse,
    Our coastline,
    The silhouette of your soul.”

    So Africa smiled a little
    When you left
    “We are in you,”Africa said.
    “You have not left us, yet.” ~ Bridget Dore

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍒

    Day 6 – UK Cam – FD
    2nd post – first one vanished! Not volunteer gardening today as DH full of new meds and feeling very woozey. I shall be brushing up my nursing skills – of course it hurts, you hit it with a heavy object … Have meals planned – 10.30 break with berries & yoghurt, veg soup for lunch and fish & spinach parcels for supper – mouth will then be kept closed – no nibbilitus here!

    @lilymartin – love the words batting about especially snirtling – all of us do that here! Here are a couple of our favourities – gobbledegook and bog-snorkling. I guess we all know of the first one and our yellow lab dog used to love the second, coming home with black tideline around his flanks.

    @funshipfreddie – take care of that back! I guess painting, with all the bending & stretching involved, might be a good idea. Certainly gentle movement is good. I tend to just lie flat on the floor with a small pillow under my neck and relax my back (I have a kink in it near the base) although shop assistants do get alarmed if you do it in the changing rooms! Just love the poem, thanks for sharing. It reminded me very much of Mary Kingsley (niece of Water Babies author,Charles) who visited West Africa in the late 19th C and always said that Africa was in her blood and kept calling her back.

    Off out with dog now, into the damp and cold – wish Spring would arrive, they forecast sleet here today – wot fun (not).

    Pocket List Day 6

    Day 6 – Dorset – FD

    Morning all, quite cold outside!

    @malee57 – my massage lady (not the polishing skin type of massage lady) who I go to because my achilles is so painful, said Plantar Facitis is cause by your calf muscles and your shins tightening up ! Same for the achilles. I do an exercise which seems to have worked. If you have stairs, just have your front third of your foot on the stair and lower your heels then raise your heels do this for up to 50 reps a day. (I do 20 in the morning then another 20 in the afternoon and then do another 10 reps before I go to bed).

    I completely lost any self control at the weekend, so its back to the correct way of eating today!

    Pocket List Day 6

    Have a lovely day

    Day 6 UK FD

    Monday reset 💪 Not logged in over weekend so aiming to catch up over a coffee but thought I’d better sign in before I forget

    Pocket List Day 6

    Day 6 – Leicester UK – NFD
    Week 2 weigh in: 70.9kg, down 0.7kg this week and down 1.3kgs overall

    Got to love slow steady progress…..I have a week off from work so starting with a NFD today, hopefully my FD tomorrow will go well – I will have to keep myself busy……

    Day 6 – Ireland – FD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Busy busy weekend but kept control and I am hoping I’ll see significant changes this week.
    Lovely long cycle on Saturday and a swim yesterday.
    @lilymartin I think of many of your list often and most recently of @anna6 in Malta and @ciren2 (postie) and @flourbaby of course 💕 I always think @flourbaby may be reading but has so much on her plate that posting is not possible… I hope this is the case and all is ok with her and her lovely mum.
    Many of the others pop into my mind often when I post… how many people have passed through this forum 🤩
    I’m so sorry I might not have been very clear – it was my friend’s friend who died in the attacks.. he worked with Charlie Hebdo..I did not know him personally. My friend lives very close by. I’ll look out for November 🎥 🇫🇷
    @merryapple yes I can see how there might be a Caribbean ring off my moniker…I wish!! 😄
    Right I have to rush – I’m under a lot of pressure here today but like @brightonbelle I wanted to check in in case I don’t get back..

    Do have a lovely Monday all. ✨


    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6 – UK – FD800

    Alcohol free Lent going well…..So far the only change I have noticed is that my sleep pattern has improved for the better 😴 and perhaps I have more control of what I’m eating but nothing to show in my weight yet…..

    @lilymartin – loving the new words being added to my vocabulary – one that I love is “Reverie” the state of being lost in your own thoughts; a daydream – French origin….and another that stuck with me is “Zephyr” a calm, gentle breeze – stems from the name Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind. Re your post this morning…so many names from the distant and not so distant past…..I do hope they are all keeping on and doing well too 🤗
    @funshipfreddie – sounds like you have lived in SA for the majority of your live – BTW lovely poem you shared – I only lived for 13 years in my birth country – 9 years in Australia and since then in the UK… DD was born here so I suppose UK is “home” now

    Coffee afternoon with the girls and a yoga class this evening – hoping to stay on track for a good FD800

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍒

    I am motivated to keep striving to get under that 60kg mark once more – “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 153.2 – 1min plank ✅

    That weight makes me sad, because it’s further away than I’d like from Friday morning’s post-WF 150.0, but it’s also the lowest Monday weight of 2023, and I know a good portion of it can be charged to the salt in last night’s popcorn, a treat DH and think to enjoy about twice a year. So, I’ll eat reasonably today, and my two WFs this week will return me to delightful weights.

    @funshipfreddie Ahhh…”the deeds were registered” means the same as “escrow closed,” LOL. It was a language thing! So, I’m late (and wondered why everyone was so pleased at this next step on the process for you, LOL!) but CONGRATULATIONS!!! And, I appreciated the article you linked that discusses the minimum amount of exercise we should be getting. I’ve always struggled with the notion that the work I do around the house is inadequate and I’m supposed to do “exercises” instead (or in addition). This article mentions housework as a viable alternative and makes me feel much better about my certainty. Oh, and what a lovely poem, and sympathies on your back, and I love the word “grotty” and have heard it before but forget to use it; thanks for the reminder.

    @jaifaim I think we both will bounce between decades until we’re firmly settled in place, LOL!

    @songbirdme Oh my goodness, LOTS of drama on catching your flight home!! LOL, a great story to tell now that it’s all good and you’re safely home, eh? Glad to have you back, and even slightly down in your weight??? WOWZA.

    @lilymartin Oh, bodacious is one of my favorite words. I seldom use it, but it’s a glorious word, isn’t it?

    @merryapple Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely; so glad it went well!

    One of my clients contacted me last week to do an edit for him, and I got the sample edit done this morning. He’s such an excellent writer, and I’m looking forward to doing it, assuming he’s okay with the quote I sent. So I clearly need to get busy with tax preparation work so I don’t have that hanging over my head while I’m trying to edit!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 6, Germany, FD800
    Day 5, FD800
    Day 4, NFD

    With friends in the house, I just couldn’t find the time to post.

    @stitchincarol Don’t dispair, if you stick to the plan, the weight has to come off!

    @funshipfreddie I hope your back is well again and you start renovating your new place. Thanks for the interesting articles. What a lovely poem.

    @jaifaim We seem to have 10 different kinds of geese here, the most common are Barnacle, White-fronted, Greylags, Pink-footed, Canada and Brent geese. I just love them and as they pair for life, I could never eat one.

    @lilymartin As @jaifaim I also often think about forum members of the past. @dingping my fellow Saturday faster, @ciren2 our postwoman, @rabbette the yoga teacher from Virginia, @fatrabbit and her rabbit and guinea pig sanctuary, @debster251 from Dublin, @shinything and the eagles, @beedoo and her small son in London, @okeydokey and her DH @fordprefect, @steffieagle and her newspaper and @simcoeluv who helped me a lot when I started and so many others. It would be nice if we knew they’re doing well. I guess @flourbaby is busy caring for her mother.

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍒
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have nice day everyone!

    USA. DY 6. FD

    So far so good! Adding myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍒
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @ccco. FD800

    Looks like today I will come in around 730 calories. I really do like counting my calories. I have done it so long that I can’t eat what I haven’t counted. Keeping very busy helps, too! 🙂

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I love all you have written about South Africa. I have never been to Africa but I wish I could one day. It is a fascinating place. I hope you love your new home.

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