Low Mood and Grumpiness

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  • Hi. I’ve been on this for 5 weeks and whilst I already feel quite slimmer, I have noticed that the low mood and pms type symptoms have resurfaced again. I had got to a stage where I was feeling very well in myself, thanks to homeopathy. But now I feel that I’m slipping back into the early stages of depression, which starts with low mood, irritableness, sleeping problems and inability to think clearly sometimes. It’s making the diet feel like an up hill battle although its the best diet and most successful I’ve ever done. Am 10lbs lighter in the first month and that makes me want to persevere.

    I do hope you can find a way of managing things.

    Remember that slow and steady wins the race, so if you are having less than 800 calories on your fast days, maybe it is worth increasing them to that limit.

    You want to make 5:2 fit so well in your life that you feel you can stay on it always.

    Low GI foods might be important to stabilise your blood sugar levels, so maybe a big pot of lentil soup, and have a cup full at times through the day?

    Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and you might want to put a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon into the jug to make it an electrolyte replacement drink.

    5:2 is quite elastic, that is it’s best feature, so hopefully you can make it fit into your life without having to experience those horrible symptoms, or to risk going back into depression. Good luck.

    I water fast and try to fast at least 36 hours. I find there is a period typically around 20 hours into the fast where I feel bad for about an hour and am a bit grumpy. I hove found those period occur when my blood glucose drops quickly. Typically the blood glucose slowly returns to normal levels and then I’m fine.

    When I’ve fasted multiple days I’ve found that over several days the blood glucose slowly drops to even below normal levels, but the bad feelings/grumpiness only occurred with the initial drop. Later the body has also ketones to help with energy and that may be preventing issues. I don’t experience keto flu but possibly because I’ve fasted into ketosis many times. I don’t know for sure.

    So the first drop hits me and after than I’m fine. For me measuring my blood glucose and seeing a reason for the feelings was very helpful.

    Hey, manifestations like physical, mental, emotional are not uncommon during fasting. These manifestations are ongoing during subsequent fasts. These “crises” are part of the body’s healing process. The symptoms that present can even be from previous illness, right back to childhood. Rest, water and “grin and bear” during these uncomfortable periods, will help you, knowing it is for a duration of time, with healing as the goal.
    This fasting process is well documented and has been my experience with extended water fasts.

    Thank you all for the replies, they are really helpful. On my non fast days at work I stick to 1000 cals max do you think that is why I got all grumpy by week 4? It’s just that I get used to not eating very much. Anyhow I will be taking up your good advice and not forgetting to drink plenty of water and add some lemon and frozen berries


    Have you checked out the Resources tab and calculated your TDEE? 1000 calories max on non-fast days seems very low, unless you are already very small! Many people use their TDEE for their goal weight as a guide to how much they should aim for on non-fast days.

    From what you say, you aren’t actually doing 5:2, you are severely calorie-restricting on a daily basis. I would think that is why you are feeling rubbish, you just aren’t eating enough. 5:2 is not about daily deprivation – 2 days a week you eat quarter TDEE, 5 days you eat ‘normally’ (as in what an average person who doesn’t have weight issues would eat, not under/overeating!).

    Also, you don’t mention the types of food you eat. But nutritional quality will be very important, especially on the extreme low calorie diet you are doing.

    I really don’t think you can blame 5:2 for your symptoms. Do 5:2 properly for a month and see if your symptoms persist.

    Wow HappyNow you are probably right. I have been eating healthy foods like carrots & hummus good quality food not rubbish. Fruit, Pulses, seeds, nuts, light meats, eggs, tomatoes and cucumber. I have took it too far I guess. No wonder I’ve gotten grumpy. My height is 5,7 and was 15stone now 14 & half. But if I eat more I get full quickly so thought I should keep it lower than my TDEE of 1900 which I thought was too high. I do have a desk job and only gym once a week, but I do take the stairs. I will try to do it correctly from now on. Thanks for all the supportive messages xx

    I also wonder if your body is starting to complain at the weight loss. I find when I have lost a few pounds initially I feel great then it’s tough. If you can just ride through it, perhaps let your weight stall at its current weight for a few weeks. I’ve been reading about the set point theory and have read (although can’t remember where and who recommended sorry ) they recommend losing a few pounds then maintain it for month or so then go back to Losing again. Just a thought, best of luck to you and well done for your achievements so far!

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