Love cooking except on fast days!

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Love cooking except on fast days!

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  • We both LOVE cooking, I make sourdough bread, bake cakes/biscuits etc, grow fruit and veg so we aren’t convenience food addicts at all but, on fast days, neither of us finds cooking/thinking about food very helpful. We’ve found that M&S chicken breast dishes (various types) which are often available on their special offers are great and we add loads of either veg or salad. Has anyone else found they don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen on fast days and what is your work round?

    I don’t even want to look among my recipes. But tomorrow is another day!

    SueWR, Like you I hate fast day cooking and like you I am a fan of M&S ready meals. The calorie count is done for you, 4 or 5 mins in the micro wave and bingo
    Fast meals for Fast days. (Sorry about the pun).

    I’m exactly the same – I love cooking and would never have dreamt of buying ready meals in the past. However, ‘ready-to-cook’ chicken meals or ready-prepared salads have begun staples most fast days. The less time spent in my kitchen the better! It’s a bit harder now that the kids are off school, though – thank heavens for them having school dinners in term time 🙂

    I eat ready to eat meals on fast days which has helped me so much.

    For all you Kiwi’s out there try they do calorie controlled meals for normal days and “dieters” and they are soooo yummy. Actually tastes like food not bland or anything and they are vaccummed packed.

    On fast days we always have either salmon baked with pumpkin and carrot or fresh white fish fillets with carrot and pumpkin. Iput grated ginger and 1tsp of soy on the salmon for our evening meal and an easy homemade vege soup during the day. The soup comes in at 28 cals a serve. The fish and veg at about 180 cals. It’s easy requires no thought and so healthy and nutritious .

    I make my own ready meals for non-fastdays (always did this) and always try to stick around the 500 calorie mark in case I want one on a fastday. However, to be honest, I am soooo lazy and actually miss my branflakes so much (because I never eat breakfast or lunch on any day anymore), that I just have a bowl of branflakes with soya milk (<400 calories), a cup of tea (100ish because I can’t have it without 2 sugars) and a piece of fruit (30-60) on every single fastday.

    Works for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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