Losing weight when you’re already skinny

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Losing weight when you’re already skinny

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  • Hey! I’ve struggled with my weight almost my whole life. I’ve never been fat but when i look in the mirror, i dont like what i’m seeing. I feel like i have an awkward weight and i’d really want to be a bit skinnier. i’m 5’6ft and 136pounds. At the moment i’m actually 132 pounds, since i’m currently doing the detox smoothie 3 day challenge. My problem is that i want to be around 120 pounds because that’s what i like and i think looks beautiful but i don’t know how to get there. I started working out and really enjoy it. but it’s really hard for me to eat healthy because i crave sweets and unhealthy stuff alllllll the time and nothing seems to help with it. i’m a smoker too and that kinda helps but still not enough. my question: is there any way i could achieve those 120 pounds and if so how? i could do a diet but long term its not gonna help and i know i’m not ready to change my whole lifestyle and cut all the junkfood out.

    120 lbs would put you at the lower end or possibly below what is deemed the normal weight range for your height. That means that if you get there it’ll be difficult to sustain especially if you are eating junk food.

    No-one can tell you how to achieve what you want, you have to find a way that works for you but I doubt you will unless you are prepared to cut the junk food, and the only way to get rid of the associated cravings is to stop eating it.

    Hi ststx,
    Good luck getting down to the weight you think looks most beautiful. As far as I can work out, 120lb is within your healthy range. https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator
    Remember that it is eating sugar that sends off the sugar cravings, so cutting sugar out of your diet may put an end to the cravings. Good luck cutting down on the smoking too.
    You generally do have to do the work of eating better, to improve your health and lose weight: but you can do it in small steps. Maybe cut out snacks a couple of days a week and see how that goes. Or think up healthier things you can eat instead of the sugar stuff and give them a try.
    Keep learning and thinking until you come up with what would be do-able for you.
    Good luck with it.


    So if I’m reading your post correctly, you are asking if anyone knows how you can lose 12lbs without dieting or making lifestyle changes or cutting out sugar and junk food?

    This might be useful, it sets out how much the various body parts weigh as a proportion of the whole:


    I reckon, based on you weighing 132lbs, if you amputated one leg at the knee and one arm at the elbow you’d just about get there…

    Alternatively, I’ve got a magic wand here somewhere…. 😀

    Exercise makes a teensy contribution to weight loss. I’m afraid unless you’re prepared to make some dietary effort it seems unlikely you’ll achieve your goal.

    I’ve found intermittent fasting to be really good for me. I lost 30lbs and have been maintaining easily at roughly 129lbs for nearly 4 years now (I’m 5ft7). I could lose more, but emaciated isn’t a good look for me. I should add that I did also cut out added sugar and junk. But then I didn’t just want to be thin, I wanted to be healthy too.

    Good luck!

    I have to say I’m sure all of us crave unhealthy things… but the good thing about 5:2 is that you have to be strong for 2 days in the week; if you’re getting a craving then tell yourself that you can have whatever it is the next day. If you’re strong on a FD then sometimes you don’t want to spoil the work you’ve done, so you find the next day that you can do without it that day also. But if you get into a pattern of fast days/ feast days & overeat on the nonFDs then it won’t work, but if you’re sensible & just have the odd treat then it helps keep you on track.
    I don’t know if there’s any science in it, but have noticed others on here have said the same- when you’re close to your goal weight it does come off slower…
    At the end of the day as HappyNow says, there’s no magic wand! It is down to will power & eating healthier!

    I think i described myself poorly. i’m well aware that i’m not gonna lose weight if i dont cut out anything and keep the unhealthy habits. what i actually meant by ‘not being able to cut out junk food’ was that i don’t think i can never eat them again like most people do when they ‘change their lifestyle’. i’m a teenager and a pretty social person so i just can’t always be healthy and eat at home and choose the healthiest options. my question was actually that is there any way or tip you can give me to help with becoming a healthier me without literally changing my whole entire menu. another thing i want to add is that i don’t eat junk food everyday and it’s more like a ‘once every other week’ thing.
    thank you for the responses tho!😊

    ststx, those of us who are Fasters would suggest the 5:2 diet. It means that you don’t have to ‘literally change your whole entire menu’ while you lose weight. As a teenager living at home, have you discussed your desire to lose weight with your parents? They might support you in a 5:2 diet, since it involves ‘dieting’ only 2 days/week. Read about it on this website so you can prove to your folks that it is not some crazy fad which will lead you to an eating disorder. Plan meals which are high in protein and good nutrients. Once you get with the 5:2 plan, you will find that your appetite decreases.
    You could start your weight loss journey by watching what you eat when out with friends. Just because they each eat 4 pieces of pizza doesn’t mean you can’t eat only 2. I was always dieting when I was a teen and eating less was always accepted by friends as just something I did. Try to find more ways to cut down on the simple carbs and junk so that you can keep going below 132. [I remember weighing that at your height. I had to work hard to get down to 124 on my small frame, but I did it. 50 years later, I’m lower in height and lower in weight too]
    Good luck, ststx.

    ststx: I read your post and you say you are a teenager. Dr. Mosley, who came up with this diet method, has written an excellent book about it. However, in his book he has mentioned that intermittent fasting is not for teenagers. You may need to find a healthier way to reach your goal, such as healthier eating and exercise. Good luck!

    I hope you will deal with youre problem. I wish you good luck

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