Losing interest in food?

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  • Hi all,

    I started I.F. about three weeks ago. So far, it has been very successful for me. The only issue (which I’m not complaining about too much) is that it seems like my stomach capacity has drastically shrunk. What I mean is, I will usually have my first meal of the day and then I’m unable to complete my second (final) meal. What happens is that I feel full after 2-3 bites and then eating starts to feel like a chore, boring and tiring and I don’t want to eat it anymore — I have even tried this with an 8 hour eating window spaced out and I get the same result. It’s not very polite or convenient for when I am having dinner out at a restaurant with friends/family.

    I don’t know what has happened, but this is affecting my ability to get in my needed intake for the day. I just want to understand what’s happening to my body that is causing this sudden lack of interest in food after 2-3 bites of my second meal of the day? Can fasting “shrink” your stomach, so to speak?

    Thanks for any insight.

    Hi kimchi,

    Well done for making the decision to get healthier and normalise your weight as well, if that is an issue. Congratulations on your successful 1st 3 weeks too🙂

    Most people who start 5:2 and come onto the forum are overweight when they start. That is, they’ve been eating/drinking too much, too many calories and often some unhealthy foods also. I don’t know whether our stomachs physically shrink but just about everyone finds they don’t want to eat as much as they did before. To me, it seems that what’s happening is we’re normalising our appetite. Usually people spend the first 3 weeks getting used to Fast Days (FDs) and by then most people are starting to notice some changes in what they are doing on nonFDs (nonFast Days), either in the choice of foods, the portion sizes, how many times a day they eat, and what and how much they’re drinking of various things. This is what is happening to you too.

    So…. What we do then is start to tweak how, what and when we eat and drink, and that’s very variable and individual. For example, I decided, over time that I would only eat twice a day, and not before 12 noon, eating most of my calories later in the day. Also that I wouldn’t drink calories, so I mostly drink, water, sparkling water, tea, peppermint or weak Earl Grey tea and occasionally coffee with a little milk. On a FD I only eat 1 meal after 6pm. On nonFDs 2 meals which vary depending on what’s happening on the day. If I was going out in the evening or had visitors coming for dinner I will eat very lightly flor my first meal and a bigger meal in the evening. I switch them around if I’m eating lunch out etc. This is what I’ve worked out over time, and works for me and my lifestyle. Everyone has there personal way of doing it.

    Re your calories for the days. : on nonFDs you can eat up to 500cals Female, or 600 male. Some have less than that and some don’t have any cals nFDs, just water. When you refer to you daily requirements, do you mean your TDEE calories or nutritional requirements? I’d suggest you look at making your 1st meal smaller so that you have a larger amount left for the evening meal. Would that help?


    Maybe it’s a hormones problem. When you change your habits hormones react really fast.

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