Loosing the baby weight

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Loosing the baby weight

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  • Hi

    I am a mummy to a lovely baby boy and am going back to work in a few weeks and am looking to use the 5:2 to help me shift the baby weight. I currently weigh 80 kg and would love to loose 15 kg altogether and 10 kg by Christmas if at all possible. I’ve used the 5:2 intermittently before with some success but never stuck to it long-term but now I’d love to give it a proper go.

    I wondered if there were any other mummies out there looking to loose the baby weight with this lifestyle?


    Hi, Pozzel. Congratulations on your lovely baby and your determination to lose some weight.
    Your use of the word ‘lifestyle’ is key: plan to stick to this ‘diet’ for life. That way the loss of the baby weight won’t turn into ‘middle age spread’ followed by post-menopause weight gain. Not trying to be gloomy, but lots of people do 5:2 to a particular weight goal and then go back to eating any way they want. Plan to stay slim and fit for all the years of your baby growing up to being a lovely young man so he can be proud of his trim mum, in comparison to his chums’ plump mums. Get the picture?

    Good luck. Plan ahead, distract yourself from eating, include lean protein in your diet. Keep us posted.

    Pozzle, ignore the 6-pack panda.

    Thanks for the advice Fasting Me. The first couple of fast days have gone and I’m feeling great. I’ve started slowly running again so hopefully that should help. 😊

    hi Pozzle,

    I am in exactly the same situation; love the be fit & healthy again plus loosing the baby weight! My baby boy is 8 months and I have been back in the gym and outside for month with hardly any results. So now it’s time to make some diet adjustments… 75kg today and looking to loose between 7,5 and 15kg. The number is slightly less important because I would like a strong body and loose the sizes & baby belly more than pinning down a number.
    I was thinking the following:
    sports: 3 x per week
    fasting: 2 x per week on the days I don’t do sports
    alcohol: I do not drink a lot but so so so appreciate a good glass of wine 1 or 2 days a week. I usually drink 1, but max 2 per evening

    What are your thoughts and ideas! Love to hear them:-)


    Hi Meriam

    It’s lovely to hear from you and nice to know that I’m not on this journey alone. I think your plan sounds great and very similar to what I am trying to do. My plan is:

    2 days fasting at 5-600 calories
    Couch to 5k running app which requires 3 runs per week along with any other gym classes I can fit in around the baby/work
    No or very little alcohol.

    I’m going for my first weigh in on Monday morning so hopefully I will have lost something; I do feel like my tummy is flatter but that could be my imagination!

    Have you started the plan? Do you want to be each other’s sponsor in a way?

    All the best


    Pozzle, good luck at your weigh-in.
    Meriam, welcome to Fasting.

    keep posting, you two.

    thanks both!

    I have started last week with 2 days of juicing. I know it is not the same as fasting (and actually my calorie intake is higher when juicing), but I just really enjoy juicing every now and then!
    Tomorrow and Tuesday will be my 2 fasting days this week, since I have a trip with friends planned from Thursday to Sunday and just want to enjoy that without any hassle.

    When will you both fast this week? I have bought the 5:2 book last year and I think I am going to try something for the book.

    Happy Sunday!

    (the baby has been kind of a struggle the last days because he is not feeding enough bc not eeling well, thank god he is a sleep now and I am enjoying a lazy Sunday evening

    miriam, make sure you are getting enough nutrition, especially protein. Juice has little in the way of nutrition and delivers the sugars of the fruits/vegetables without the beneficial fiber. If you are nursing, you need to keep up your own nutrients to pass on the Baby. Baby must be teething. Sounds familiar.

    Thanks for the tips! not juicing this week but I agree; juicing needs to be on the basis that you will still intake all the important nutrients. When I juice I always combine it with ao nut mylks, 80/20 veggie/ fruit ratio and I eat homemade veggie soups at night to keep me warm. Have done it for years and it does me really good to incorporate it in my schedule every now and then!

    Look forward hearing what you guys eat on your fast days!

    oh btw; not BF anymore and for sure wasn’t juicing when breastfeeding. Would’ve been hangry all the time;-). Actually I have not juiced since I got pregnant and only recently started again

    Hi Pozzle,

    Hope you don’t mind me joining this post. I had a baby recently too and would like to get back to my pre-preg weight as my jeans are abit too tight and to be honest I’m sick of wearing leggings!

    I had success with 5:2 before getting pregnant (lost 3 stone) but I know the first few fast days can be tough. I’m planing to start tomorrow :-/ Hoping reading posts on this forum will give me the kick up the bum and motivation that I need to stay on track as I know it does get easier the longer that you do it!

    Good luck ladies!

    To answer your question, Miriam: for todays’s Fast, we will have a home-made crepe with mediterranean vegetables + mushrooms with an egg on top + fruit/yogurt smoothie and coffee at breakfast = 292 cal. For dinner, watercress soup with a carpaccio-style salad on the side. = ~230 cal.

    Hi Ladies

    Lovely to hear from you. I’m two weeks in. I lost 1 kg on my first week and am hoping to loose another this week (everything crossed!). Weigh in Monday morning!

    I’ve also started running and trying to do more exercise.

    I’m back to work after my maternity leave next week. I’m hoping the structure of a working day will help with the fasting.

    Hope everyone is keeping well.


    Hi All

    I just wondered how people were doing this week? I am back to work following maternity and working from home a couple of days a week. It’s been tricky to keep to the plan this week but I have lost 1 kg in the last 7 days. I think the running is helping (and definitely improving my mood).

    Hope you’re all well


    Hi Pozzle,

    I am in the exact same situation except that I am not back to work yet. Not sure how I will leave my DD.

    It’s my first day back on 5:2 after 1 whole year! I am desperate to lose weight and get back into shape. Pregnancy caused me to gain more weight than I should have and now I am 81kg. 🤦‍♀️

    I am determined to get back to it so it will be nice to keep motivated!

    Fingers crossed it goes well for us all!

    Hey ladies! I had my second in June and I’m using a combo of couch to 5 k and 5:2 to get to 65kg. I weigh myself daily and I’m trending down from 77 ish to 75 ish. I have done 4 fast days but ended up having wine in the evening on two. I went for a run this morning and nearly keeled over at first, but then all of a sudden had heaps of energy which is still going. I’m looking forward to my next fast day now!

    Pozzle – you seem committed and great to hear you are doing well. I want to echo what fasting-me said about keeping going. My son is now a young teen and i did not tackle my weight gain for 10 years during which time i gained even more weight! I think i just focused on the needs of others too much and didn’t quite realise how much children and other family watch and follow your habits.

    I’ve made some big changes to my diet (i went plant-based with my partner). I’ve seen my son choose much healthier options – and i think mostly because he follows us. So, in a rambling way, i think i am saying that your family needs you to succeed as it will help them to stay healthy.

    There are a couple of young mums participating in the november challenge so you could come and join in for some support! Keep going…

    Pozzle, how is it going?

    Bubbly, still Fasting? still running?

    Yirrakurl, still with us?

    Miriam, what’s new?

    Jaycee, any words of wisdom?

    HI all
    sorry for not replying lately. Lost track bc of a trip, a sick baby, my own motivation. Although I have been going to the gym and pilates, need to get back to a healthier diet! But back at it! No fasting days this week but lots of healthy food, 2 fasting days next week. Will probably be Mon and Tue. Do you guys have 2 fixed days or keep it flexible?

    WE usually do the same days every week, but we can be flexible too. either way, it works. What happened to the motivation, meriam? Can you get it back?

    I’ve been so so crap with checking the forum! The babe has taken over my life a “little” bit so hard to keep up with these things!

    I hope you are all doing well?

    Well, thanks to Xmas I piled on the 2kg that is lost since this post and jan, but anyway, I started 5:2 properly from second week of Jan, combined with running, Pilates, weights and yoga.

    I have to say that I am an avid 5:2er and one thing I learnt is how much nicer result you get when you combine the diet with exercise!! Body transformation is different to just doing the 5:2 alone. Anyway, since my Baby was born in July I have lost 11kgs! I’ve hit more plateaus but I think that’s because of doing weights.

    I am continuing with my diet and exercise but dreading going back to work as I know it will Eff up my exercise routine! 😣

    Anyone have any tips on how to juggle exercise with babe duties??

    Would love to hear how you are all getting on! Xx

    riley, take your dumb red tea and go away. it is a false claim and you know it.

    Was going to say exactly the same @fasting-me 😒🤭

    Though I agree as a rule of thumb but I think each and every mother is very different in terms of the weight they have gained through and after being preg/giving birth and the way they lose it. Certainly in my circle of mummies some didn’t put anything on and they look no different Than they did before.

    The belly fat seems to be quiet persistent and not easily tackled with diet alone. Lots toning and abs workouts needed. I know now I can have a bit of time to do this but after starting work I don’t know what the hell im going to do without exercise!

    Still, if anyone has any tips on this would love to know how you juggle it.

    I’ve had a shitty week of tonsilitis which meant I haven’t don’t diet or exercise so feeling very deflated. Any motivation speak would be greatly appreciated! 😁🙏

    @fasting-me if I was wrong then you can reply.

    Hello all, I was hoping to see some fellow mummies on here! I did 5:2 a couple of years ago and managed to lose 2stone. I then fell off the wagon and put it all (and a bit more) back on ☹️ Then had baby No2 and put on 1.5stone ☹️☹️. I did manage to lose that last year slowly (baby is now 15mnths) but Xmas came and since then the weight is creeping back on again. I really want to do 5:2 again as it suited me, I felt in control of food again and I saw results. However I seem to be struggling to “get in the zone” this time. Chocolate is my No1 weakness and so now Easter has gone I’m hoping to find less temptation! I wanted to do C25K but the reality is I haven’t got regular time to do it so going to have to rely on mostly diet to shift the wobbles. I’m going to try and fast tomorrow to remind myself how much better I feel afterwards and then do 2 days next week. Is anyone else fasting tomorrow (Friday) xXx


    I’m a fellow mum 7 weeks pp with second baby. I’m 5ft 5 and currently weigh 184lbs. (I weighed 197lbs a few days after birth). My target weight is 125lbs but it’s a distant dream at the moment. Aiming for 5-10lbs loss a month doing 4/3. I’m ok during the day but it’s the evenings that I’m weak and reach for biscuits!!

    I can’t really do exercise as my pelvis is still fairly “loose” do wary of doing anything high impact until I’m 6months ok. Having said that I can do elliptical! Just need to figure what to do with the baby when I’m exercising…

    I’ve never been one of those people who can not eat choc/ biscuits /crisps 😩 and have always exercised hard to make up for my crap diet. As I get older I realise that I can’t do that anymore….

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