Liver disease and fasting? Is it ok?

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Liver disease and fasting? Is it ok?

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  • I have very low chlosterol, blood pressure and normal blood sugar so how the hell have I ended up with fatty liver disease?!(only picked up with scan) My specialist tells me that the 5.2 diet is OK but ive read rapid weight loss could damage my liver more? Anyone else in the same boat? Opinions and ideas welcome

    You shouldn’t get rapid weight loss with 5:2, the average is about 500g a week and now I am at a normal weight I don’t lose anything doing it.
    I hope people with more knowledge about liver disease come along, but my sense is that 5:2 is a very gentle lifestyle change and your liver will probably enjoy it!

    5:2 is a pretty gentle weight loss method. 500g (1 pound) per week is about average. I dont think cholesterol is related to fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is associated with alcohol intake. Do you drink? Fructose and glucose (sugar) intake. Do you have a sweet tooth? Avoid all sugars including honey.

    There are two types of fatty liver disease, one is associated with alcohol and the other is not. I’m not going to ask you personal questions I’ll just say that if you drink alcohol you need to cut it out and you also need to ensure you are eating a healthy diet ie cut out processed and sugary foods and stick to lean protein, vegetables, fruit and wholegrains.

    As Cinque and BB have said, 5:2 is a slow method of weight loss and if your specialist thinks it is OK then go for it.

    You mentioned on another thread that you have bought the 5:2 book so you have all the information you need to get started.

    Good Luck

    Its a common misnomer that liver issues are always associated with alcohol. Yes I drink but about 1-2 glasses a week end that . my mother doesn’t drink at all and has the same condition. They seem to think I’m gentically predisposed to the condition

    The only experience I’ve had with fatty liver disease was in a cat. When my sister was going through chemo 20 years ago (she’s fine now) and staying at my house, I was only going over to her place twice a day to feed her cats and change litter boxes. One of the cats was so devastated by her absence that he apparently stopped eating and got sick. The vet determined it was fatty liver disease, caused by the somewhat overweight cat stopping eating. We brought him over to my house so he was with my sister, and after treating him he recovered. He wasn’t raiding the liquor cabinet in my sister’s absence, he just stopped eating, or ate very little. 🙂

    So fatty liver disease has more than one cause.

    Hi have a look for non alcoholic fatty liver disease information on the web. This is a condition not associated with excessive alcohol intake as the name would suggest. It can be associated with being overweight and having a build up of fat around your middle. If diagnosed and managed early, losing weight can help to reduce the build up of fat within the liver. So any weight lost goes a good way to helping the condition. Good luck!

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