Jumped in the deep end with a 3 day fast

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  • Hi All

    This is all happening very quickly for me. I remember watching a film a few years ago called Fat, sick and nearly dead, not as grim as it probably sounds and very interesting. I also rememeber the BBC documentary on fasting with Mike Mosley along with having an interest in the subject of fasting with different cultures for various reasons, not all about weight loss, far from it.

    Anyway early last week a window opened up for me as work had slacked off for the first time in ages. I had always had the idea of doing a fast, for another education as much as anything else, but weight loss is my major goal. I am looking at shifting 20Lbs at most, all of which seems to be around my stomach. So I was thinking about it one night about doing it in the very close future and then suddenly thought “just do it now”.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short last I night broke a 3 day water fast and Oh Boy what an experience, mostly good. I might go into all the details another time, but during the fast I read up online about it, ordered the Mike Mosely book which I am hoping will arrive tomorrow, and most importantly thinking where I am going to take this next as I am sure I am onto something.

    I have a general understanding of the intermittient diet and already have a plan that I think I can deal with very easily as I have done something similar already in my life without thinking about it.
    I just want to ask this question just to make sure I am not being stupid. If I say have a last meal say on a Monday night and do not have my next one until Tuesday night, have I done a 24 hour fast that is of any use?, I then intend to do this again on Thursday.

    Hello @grumpygit. Go to FAQ at the top and you will see Dr. M’s answer to your question. All the best.

    (Put my answer in this thread … Why did you post the same thread twice?)

    Brad Pilon http://bradpilon.com/ pushes 24 hours fasts like you are asking about. He thinks there is a lot of good that comes from it and thinks it is better for maintaining and developing muscles.

    There are also a lot of people that practice One Meal A Day (OMAD). There are lots of claims around it, but mostly these people are using it too control their weight.
    Wow 3 days for a first fast? That is really hard core, congratulations on making it through the fast, that second day can be a bit rough. At the three day mark you were getting some serious impact from fasting. I had fasted many times before I took on 3 days. I’m impressed.

    Like you I tend to read and study about fasting when I fasting. It seems to make the fasting easier in some perverse way. However I normally buy the electronic versions of the books so I can get them right away. If I’m feeling weak I’ll watch an episode of “My 600 lb. Life” on YouTube. Those often cure my urges to give up!

    A big thumbs up to you!

    Hi Again Dy

    Just thought I might be posting on the wrong thread

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