I've lost a beagle – anyone lost a great dane? (in weight that is :-)

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I've lost a beagle – anyone lost a great dane? (in weight that is :-)

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  • I’ve been on the fast diet for 33 weeks and lost 30 pounds (14 Kilos)!

    Lifting my friend’s dog into the car the other day realised I have lost almost as much weight as she weighs and that I’ve lost the weight equivalent of carrying a beagle around with me!

    Does anyone else have fun ways of visualising their weight loss goal or current weight loss? I used to try to see it as packs of butter or bags of potatos but has anyone lost a St Bernard’s worth of weight – or just starting off with a Yorkshire terrier?

    RedDog, then I lost a Kanichen Dachsund! 8 pounds with another 4-5 to go. But more than pounds, I’ve lost fat. I am slimmer on the way down at this weight than I was on the way up. I can tell by how my slacks and skirts fit. … and my bras.


    I’ve lost a sack of layers’ pellets… 🙂

    I lost Boston Terrier, but wish to lose a boxer. LOL! 🙂

    Wow – Happy Now – I can’t even lift a sack of layer pellets! Well done K-Lo and coldpizza (which is what I had for breakfast yesterday but not a fast day 🙂

    My goal is to lose the equivalent weight of a small border collie so I’ve not got far off now – just not my slightly portly one 🙂 We are walking/jogging together as we both need to lose the kilos.

    I lost 110 packets of butter. Purple 😥


    I don’t know how large your layer pellet sacks are, but ours are 13.75kg, so roughly 30lbs.

    Every time I lift one from the car and stagger to the hen house I’m aware of the pressing weight, and the added pressure on my joints, and I’m reminded that two and half years ago I was lugging the equivalent around in fat on a permanent basis!

    Happy, it’s well worth visualising the weight….and be amazed that we could carry it around, isn’t it? Purple


    I buy 10kg bags of cat litter too, and they are heavy!

    I find your pats of butter analogy useful for visualizing the volume of fat I was carrying, but I struggle to visualize the weight, so it’s useful (if shocking) for me to have something of roughly the right weight as a weekly reminder!

    Ok, how about a bit more than a bag of cement then Happy? I don’t do dogs, and my cat is a lightweight. 😊 Purple

    Purple, I don’t do bags of cement!!

    Oh this really made me smile – thanks for cheering me up!

    The scales went in the right direction this morning for me but so far I think I’d only be able to account for the loss of a budgie! It is still only week 2 though so plenty of time.

    I am aiming to lose a Vizsla or Weimaraner and actually maybe that is my incentive to acquire one of these when I achieve my weight loss. Not sure the existing spaniel would be impressed with having to share my affections though!

    Ah, Oxford! I’ve always kept terriers, but I’ve always fancied a Weimaraner. I’m not sure they’re the brightest though?

    Dogs are pack animals. You might be surprised and find your spaniel is actually happier with a slightly larger pack?

    When you lose your vizsla/Weimarana fatberg, replacing it with a real one that you don’t have to carry 24 hours a day sounds like a great plan.

    Woohoo! I used to have Old English Sheepdogs. Having Googled their weights, I’ve lost a female OES, Mr P has lost a male OES!!! Purple

    Oh, you are all tempting me to get another dog now! Been thinking about it for a while. But I will probably go to the RSPCA for whatever’s available when we do decide get another.

    An Old English Sheepdog Purple! That’s amazing. And Oxford, you’re only on week 2 so keep it up, it won’t be long before that missing budgie becomes a chicken and then a vulture 🙂

    After a bit of a platueau, the scales are going down for me again and I am now missing the weight of carrying two pugs along with me. As you said HappyNow – our joints and backs were carrying that extra load. I swear my feet are smaller now I’ve lost some weight and as well as fitting into favourite old jeans(woohoo!!!), I can now fit into a pair of trainers that were just a tiny bit too small!

    What I found interesting, Reddog, when I first lost the 30kg, my leg muscles were SO used to carrying the extra, I was able to run up stairs, 2 at a time, like I did as a teenager (I’m in my 60s). The feeling was, and still is, fabulous! Purple
    OS I had 4 OES over many years, all of them rescue dogs, all of them gorgeous, but a LOT of work!


    The extra weight does change the shape of your feet, for sure! We’re certainly more flat footed when heavier.

    Funny you mention two pugs, I’m two fox terriers lighter 😀

    That’s interesting P, and I guess fits in with maintaining muscle by IF cf other diets?

    Closing on a Great Dane and his buddy, a beagle! Been on it for 18 weeks and lost 65lbs! I started 5:2 and went up to 4:3. Its been a very interesting, sometimes frustrating journey, but it has worked from the very first week! So its been easy to stay the course. I have 20-25 more to go and I will be at my “fighting weight”. First time in 15 years!

    Wow Cowboy56 that is amazing to lose both a Great Dane and a Beagle!! Hope you have kept it up since posting. I haven’t been on the forum for a while.

    I had a few weeks off from the diet as we had visitors and I overindulged in everything I love with no fast days (beer, wine, pizza, ice-cream, cake, biscuits, pies, scones etc.) as I knew I could lose it again when they left. But amazingly I only put on 1 kilo (probably as I was running round so much and going walking and swimming with our visitors) and lost it again as soon as they left. I only have 2 more kilos to my final target weight and now I know how to stay there!

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