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  • Just been reading Fast Diet book, a bit confused as I normally go 16 hours without food every day yet I am growing an unwanted belly. I am active with no health issues so am wondering how this fast diet can help

    Compressing your eating window can help to control fat gain but not if you are eating too many calories. A “fast” day on this program is eating <600 calories in a 36 hour period.

    Being “active” I.E. easy or moderate exercise, is great for health, but has little effect on fat loss. It takes intense exercise like HIIT to bump HGH and help with fat burning.

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    Doing 5:2 means that twice a week you will only eat a quarter of what you usually eat during your 8 hour eating window. ( 5:2 is actually more about restricted calories, than fasting.) Why not try it for three months and see if it makes a difference?

    Thanks for your replies, all very helpful. I just posted about my first fast day, it went okay

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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