Is there anything wrong with this?

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  • I have found what works and what l enjoy eating the most on my fast days.
    I always eat the same.
    3pm miso soup
    5pm 2 eggs
    7pm porridge made with milk.
    Eating this way l feel great and not as hungry than when l just eat protein and vegetables. It also enables me to do 2 fast days in a row, Mon and Tue, even after a 30 min run and weights. Is there anything wrong with eating like this on my fast days.

    I am at a normal weight for my height and 42 year old female.
    Doing the fast days just for health.

    Thanks Sue

    welcome Shezian

    congrats looks good

    u might want 2 try flax milk it is 6 cals 4 1/4 cup
    taste delish

    might free u up 4 more veges

    Never heard of flax milk. I am from Australia can you get it here?


    Do you think l would be lacking in any nutrients by not having vegies or protein for those 2 days?
    Am l in anyway damaging my health?

    Thanks Sue


    u r fine there r religious fasters that do this for 40 days & only water

    no detriments

    dr mosley fasting in 1207


    Diet Detective: The diet seems so simple. Is it really just eating normally five days a week and restricting calories (500 for women; 600 for men) the other two days?

    Dr. Michael Mosley: Yes, it is that simple. Actually doing it can be quite tough, particularly at the start. The foods you eat on your fasting days are also important as they should keep you full but also ensure maximum nutrition. I recommend protein (eggs, meat, fish) and lots of vegetables.

    i get flax milk in my whole foods & my organic isle in my supermarket usa

    u can also make it
    google it

    continued success

    Thanks so much, then l will continue doing what l am doing.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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